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Are You A Seller of Printer Supplies like Ink and Toner? Are You Finding It Difficult To Afford The High Fees That Some Marketplaces Charge? Then Try PrinterBazaar – The Only Marketplace Dedicated To Printer Supplies With ZERO FEES ! Yes – you read it right – Free To List and You Pay Nothing Till You Sell.


Register and Start Listing

Create your account by Clicking Here. You will then be able to List and Manage your products from any device – PC, Mobile or Tablet.


After You Register

After you finish registering, selling on PrinterBazaar is a simple process.

Step 1: List

You can add products to the PrinterBazaar Marketplace one at a time or in bulk using the simple interface. Make sure all product attributes including a clear picture are uploaded.

Step 2: Receive Order Notification

PrinterBazaar will notify you via email when a customer places an order.

Step 3: Ship Your Order

Ship the product promptly and update Printerbazaar with the tracking number. Follow the on-screen prompts to update.

Step 4: Get Paid

PrinterBazaar deducts its 10% commission and sends you your payment via PayPal at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent. Payments are typically sent within 7 business days after ensuring that the customer has received the shipment and is satisfied with it.


Get Unlimited Live Support

PrinterBazaar product support and technical support staff are available over phone, email and chat from 10am to 6pm EST Mon – Fri, to help with any assistance that you may need.


Become a Seller