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With the increasing exposure of different types of businesses to information technology, document management is becoming a prime task for small, medium and large enterprises. The knowledge intensive society requires huge amount of content to be published and consumed; and printers are a real help in communication. Printerbazaar offers you with different kinds of printers for your home and office needs. You can choose from a wide range of models according to your specific usage requirements.

Buying the appropriate printer can be a tough decision, thanks to the wide variety of printer models from the reputed brands with competitive prices.

Get A Clear Picture Of What Your Printing Needs Are

The printing needs of a home office and an enterprise are different. Starting from the volume of prints required to the need of networking; it differs according to the size of manpower and the kind of business you are involved in.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are common in home and small home offices. The ink jet technology involves small nozzles spraying a fine cloud of ink into the paper. The print cartridges contain the microchips and an electro-mechanical framework supports the whole process.

Inkjet printers can print both black & white and color documents. They are very good at printing photos and used widely to cater to the different kinds of photo printing needs. However, the performance of the inkjet printers is not as good as the laser printers, when it comes to the text quality of the documents.

Inkjet printers are no doubt a cost-effective option for users, but their printing speed is slow when compared to the laser printers. The quality of the print may also vary according to the paper and ink you are using.

At Printerbazaar, we offer a wide variety of inkjet printers belonging to different reputed brands. In addition to printers, you can also find printer accessories to meet your maintenance needs.

Laser Printers

Contrary to the inkjet printers in which ink cartridges are used, the laser printers use the toner cartridges. They do not use ink and nozzle mechanism like the inkjet printers. Instead, they use toner, which is a powdered form of ink. The toner is composed of powdered carbon and polymer, and the toner drum is covered with a photosensitive material.

In laser printing, the printer doesn’t spray ink to the paper. Instead, the paper is passed over the toner drum. The paper is subjected to an electrostatic charge during the printing process and the toner is fused onto the paper. Upon fusing of the toner to the paper, you can get the respective printouts as per the data fed from the computer.

Speed is one of the evident features of laser printers as compared to the inkjet printers. However, when it comes to the use of media and ink; laser printers are somehow limited. The inkjet printing mechanism is compatible with different types of media and color combinations. But, the use of media in laser printers is limited due to the fusing process involved. Only the media, which can withstand the heat of the fusing process can be used with the laser printers.

However, printouts from the laser printers are not withered by water as because the toner is directly fused onto the paper.

The toner cartridges of the laser printers are costly and may be an expensive option for the home users. Laser printing is appropriate for the business users where they need to print text in a professional manner.


Printers are composed of delicate components and hardware, which needs to be consistently maintained to eliminate the chances of any kind of hassles during printing. You can decide on the inkjet and Laserjet printers depending on the frequency and type of your use.

As the inkjet printers use the ink cartridges and the ink is in the liquid form, longer days of inactivity may hamper the printer operation due to drying of the ink or jamming of the nozzles. On the other hand, as the laser printers use the toner cartridges and the toner is in the powdered form, there is no possibility of drying up of the ink.

Factors To Consider For Buying The Appropriate Printer

The printer models vary depending upon the variety of features they exhibit. There are feature differences between the home use oriented printers and office use oriented printers. According to the features you need for your day-to-day operations, you can select the right model and the right brand.

  • Single Function And Multifunction Printers: Single function printers can only print documents. But, the multifunction printers have added functionalities in addition to prints, including scanning, photo copying and fax. Depending upon the context of your use, you can either buy the single function or multifunction printers. In case of your multiple use, buying the multifunction printers would prove to be cost-effective for you instead of buying separate devices.
  • Color And Monochrome Printers: If you want to print only text documents or documents containing limited graphics in the black and white mode, the monochrome printers would do the work for you. Monochrome printers are generally LED or laser printers; and are appropriate for the text printing needs. On the other hand, you need color printers for your graphical and photo printing needs. Color printers come in both laser based and inkjet based models. The monochrome printers use single black color ink cartridge, but the color printers use multiple toner or ink cartridges.
  • Printer Resolution: The printer resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch). DPI is defined as the volume of the dots of toner or ink that is deposited in one square inch of the paper area. Depending upon the DPI of the printer model, you can predict the print resolution you will be getting out of the printer.
  • Printer Speed: The printer speed is measured in pages per minute. The printer specification gives the printer speed for both the black and color mode printing. You will find differences between ppm of the inkjet printers and the laser printers. The laser printers are faster than the inkjet printers and if your printing demands are high, it’s always better to go with the laser printers.
  • Monthly Duty Cycle of The Printers: The monthly duty cycle of the printer is defined as the number of prints the printer can deliver per month without fail. A monthly duty cycle of 100,000 indicates that the printer can deliver 100,000 prints per month. It’s always better to choose a printer with duty cycle, according to your specific needs. Duty cycle is an indicator of the performance and robustness of the printers. A higher duty cycle implies that the printer can withstand the heavy printing.
  • Internal Memory Of The Printers: Different printers come with different internal memory. In addition to the standard internal memory, they also have provisions to expand the memory up to a certain range. The multifunction printers feature more memory as compared to the single function printers. Laser printers often have more internal memory as compared to the inkjet ones. Generally, printers with networking capabilities are associated with more memory to seamlessly handle the different printing tasks performed over the network.

Printerbazaar offers you a comprehensive range of Printer models of different brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Imation, Konica, Lexmark, Minolta, Okidata, Panasonic, Minolta QMS, Samsung, Sharp and Xerox. You can choose from a variety of dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers as per your home and business needs.