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Buy Specialty Paper online at the best prices from Printerbazaar.We offer the widest selection of specialty paper, cardstock, envelopes, photo paper, inkjet and laser printer paper, multipurpose paper, T-shirt transfers, presentation paper in a wide variety of sizes, colors and textures.

Specialty Papers For Your Diverse Needs

Specialty paper can add great impact to your business, if used in the right way. Are you looking out for specialty papers for your business printing, packaging or any other needs? Printerbazaar is one of the reputed online destinations where you can buy good quality specialty papers at competitive rates.

In this competitive business environment, businesses need to be versatile. The changing patterns of business with the technological advancements constantly pose a challenge. Communication is the essence, no matter whether it’s a service based or product based business. Making use of the right communication materials results in a good impression among the clients and helps them remember your business in the time of need.

The paper you are using in your business endeavors can make a big difference. At Printerbazaar, you can get the specialty papers from reputed brands. They maintain a stringent quality assurance process in the manufacturing and production of the specialty papers. You can choose from the different available paper qualities as per your specific requirements.

Qualities Of Good Specialty Papers

As the specialty papers can be used in different types of contexts, including both internal and external environments, they should be able to withstand the moisture, high and low temperatures, liquids and chemicals etc. Good specialty papers are robust and can be used for different purposes with ease. They can be used to develop strong packagings, conserve files, etc. They work well with the adhesives and stay intact where they are being used.

Specialty Papers For Your Demanding Applications

Printerbazaar offers you specialty papers at competitive prices for cost-effective use in different of your demanding applications. Be it for use in the different industries or for use in fine arts, you can get access to the optimally protected papers for the strength and longevity. We assure you of stringent packaging and shipping, so you get the papers intact without any sort of damage.

Criteria To Choose The Appropriate Specialty Paper

Papers can come in different types depending upon their end applications. Printerbazaar offers you a comprehensive range of specialty papers to choose from. These can be categorized according to different parameters such as paper weight, raw materials, usage, color, surface treatments and finish etc.

Paper Weight: The specialty papers come in different weights based on their expected end use. These can be classified into low weight (<40 g/m2), medium weight (40-120 g/m2), medium high weight (120-200 g/m2) and high weight (>200 g/m2). Choose the right weight of the papers to accomplish your tasks successfully.

Raw Materials: The specialty paper is manufactured from different types of raw materials and the quality may vary accordingly. You can opt for the papers manufactured from wood fibers, from agricultural residue such as straw and grass, and through recycling the secondary fiber.

Usage: This is one of the important aspects to consider while choosing any specific specialty paper. They can be used in the industrial purposes, educational purposes, food packing or material packaging. The weight and quality of the papers varies depending upon the application area. Printerbazaar offers you different options to make a wise choice according to your specific use.

Color: The specialty papers can come in multiple varieties such as brown, white and colored. The brown papers are unbleached, while the white papers are bleached. And, the colored papers are bleached and pigmented.

Surface Treatments: The specialty papers can also be differentiated based on the surface treatments they have received. The different varieties include uncoated, coated and laminated. As the name implies, the uncoated variety doesn’t contain any coatings. On the other hand, clay or mineral coating is applied in the coated variety. The laminated varieties are generally coated with aluminum.

Finish: You can also choose the specialty papers depending upon the type of finish you want such as fine or coarse finish, machine finished or machine glazed, glossy finish etc.

Printerbazaar’s Comprehensive Collection

Printerbazaar is proud of being an online supplier of a wide range of office supplies and accessories for use in the home offices and corporate offices. Special papers come at a special price at Printerbazaar. At the online store, you can find a wide collection of specialty paper, cardstock, photo paper, papers for inkjet and laser printers, presentation papers, envelopes and multipurpose papers.

We exhibit products from the different reputed brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, Hammermill, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Lexmark, Okidata, Sharp and Xerox.

You can find the papers in different colors, textures and sizes according to your application requirements.