2-Color Title Message Stamps


Draw attention with our 2-Color Title / Message Stamps. The bright combination of blue/red ink and eye-catching graphics makes stampings prominent and attractive. The patented design of these premium message stamps makes the stamp pad retract when not in use. The ergonomic soft-touch grip provides effortless stamping and creates clean and precise impressions.


  • Quick and quiet single-hand operation
  • Provides 50,000 impressions before re-inking
  • Manufacturer's unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Colors : Blue/Red
  • Brand : U.S. Stamp & Design

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 2023~Two-Color Title Stamp, FAXED, Blue/Red

Two-Color Title Stamp, FAXED, Blue/Red

Out of stock

$9.04$624 / each 

 2024~Two-Color Title Stamp, PAID, Blue/Red

Two-Color Title Stamp, PAID, Blue/Red

Out of stock

$9.79$607 / each 

 2029~Two-Color Title Stamp, PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL, Blue/Red

Two-Color Title Stamp, PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL, Blue/Red

Out of stock

$8.91$624 / each 

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