1-Color Title Message Stamps


These Pre-inked and Re-inkable message stamps let you mark actions on documents quickly. Available in a range of 21 business messages and 4 different colors, these rubber stamps make crisp, clean impressions.


  • Microporous ink surface makes thousands of impressions re-inking
  • Soft-touch grip provides effortless stamping
  • Flip-open lid prevents accidental messes
  • Available in 21 different business messages like CANCELLED, PAID, VOID, DELIVERED, RECYCLE, SHRED etc. and also symbols like Smiley, Check-mark, Arrow, Star etc.
  • Colors : Red, Blue, Green
  • Brand : Universal

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 4630~Stamp-Ever Stamp, Self-Inking with 10 Dies, 5/8

Stamp-Ever Stamp, Self-Inking with 10 Dies, 5/8", Red/Black

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$17.42$1202 / each 

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