Dictation Equipment


Get the product you need from the best quality Dictation Equipment & Supplies here at Printerbazaar.

Types & Accessories:

Dictation Recorder
The Dictation cassette is a convenient way to record & replay when required. The cassettes available at Printerbazaar have a lot of additional features that will make your work much more easy.
Digital Recorders
Catch and record every word of lectures and meetings with this high quality, high capacity digital recorder. You can choose from a variety of equipment that make recording, storing & transferring very easy.
Mini Cassettes
For dubbing, archiving vinyl, recording radio talk shows or capturing almost any audio source use these standard size audio Dictation Tape / Cassette.
Transcription Kit
Integrate the dictation accessories into your office’s workflow and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments and office locations.