Tape Flags


Tape Flags from Printerbazaar are an indispensable part of your office supplies. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, our colored tape Flags are ideal for color coding, tabbing, flagging and highlighting documents. Create labels or make notes on these sticky tapes with our marker pens. With our pop-up dispensers, retrieving and placing the flags is quick and easy.


  • Tape flags stick securely and remove cleanly.
  • Blank flagging tapes and Arrow Tape Flags in assorted colors with writing space
  • Message flags and pennants with pre-printed messages
  • Brands : 3M, Redi-tag, Universal
  • Tape Dispensers from 3M

Types & Accessories:

Arrow Tape Flags for Labelmakers
Arrow Tape flags are great for office environments with a large amount of paper work. These flagging markers feature a bold arrow design and bright, eye-catching colors, pointing precisely to important information. Removable and repositionable, these pennants are great for temporary indexing.
Colored Tape Flags for Labelmakers
Colored tape flags from Printerbazaar help you to read through or organize large documents and files efficiently. These brightly colored page markers are removable and repositionable so you can simply take them off without damaging the document. These sticky tapes have blank spaces for making notes and come in singles packs and multi-packs in assorted colors. Tapes are also available along with tape dispensers.
Dispensers for Tape Flags
Get attention and get results with our Tape Flag Dispenser and related Office Supplies. Color-code files or flag important messages for easy retrieval. With these convenient dispensers, you can quickly dispense flags while working on documents. Dispensers have sticky notes, arrows and flags in assorted colors and sizes.
Printed Message Tape Flags
Our Printed Message Tape Flags can save you the trouble of having to provide instructions for action that is needed. All the flags are preprinted with the messages you use most often. With adhesive on only half the flag, the other half conveniently extends pass the edge of the page so you can quickly locate it when the document is closed.

Featured Products:

MMM684ARR1 Arrow 1/2" Flags, Blue/Green/Purple/Red/Yellow, 20/Color, 100/Pack $5.15$314 / each 
MMM6705AN Page Markers, Five Neon Colors, 5 Pads of 100 Strips/Each, 500/Pack $6.84$465 / each 
MMM6714RPA Greener Page Markers, Pastel, 50 Strips/Pad, 4 Pads/Pack $3.57$250 / each 
MMM680BBBGA4VA Flags Value Pack, Assorted, 96 1/2" Arrows, 100 1" Flags, 12 2" Filing Tabs $11.15$736 / each 
MMM680HVABG 3M 680HVABG High Volume Arrow Flag Dispenser, Bright Green, 200 Flags/Dispenser $15.72$1085 / each 
MMM680PPBGVA Flags Value Pack, Assorted Colors, 200 Flags & Free Highlighter w/50 Flags $12.67$798 / each 
MMM689HL3FL Flag + Highlighter, Yellow/Green/Orange, 50 Flags/Pen, 3/Pk $8.42$547 / each 
RTG21095 SeeNotes Transparent Film Arrow Flags, Neon Pink/YW, 60 Flags/Pad, 2 Pads/Pack $3.90$277 / each 
MMM684SH Arrow Message 1/2" Flags, "Sign Here", 4 Colors w/Dispensers, 120/Pack $6.66$473 / each 
RTG91002 Message Right Arrow Flag Refills, "Sign Here", Red, 6 Rolls of 120 Flags/Box $18.61$1303 / each