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Coin Handling Equiptment


Printerbazaar offer high quality Coin Handling Equipments that ranges from coin changers, coin counters, coin holders and coin roll wrapper that will fulfill for your home and business requirements. The Coin Changers are designed with its own dispensing lever for simple, one handed operation and accommodates quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Also choose the right coin counters and coin holders for your coins if you know what your options are and how much it will cost you.


  • The coin changers quickly and accurately sorts and dispenses pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • The Coin Roll Wrappers are heavy-duty Kraft rolls that are color-coded to meet with American Banker Association standards
  • Ideal for storing and shipping rolled coin.
  • These coin holders stacks on vault trucks easily.
  • Trays interlock with large capacity coin trays in same denomination.
  • Brands: McGill Metal, MMF, Royal Sovereign, PM.

Types & Accessories:

Coin Changers
Printerbazaar's Coin Changers is a heavy-duty, long-lasting money change with penny, nickel, dime and quarter barrels and adjustable hooks for attachment to a belt or other accessory. These changers have four barrel design, each with their own dispensing lever for simple, one-handed operation.
Coin Counters
Printerbazaar's Coin Counters are designed to handle small-scale to medium duty coin processing including counting, sorting, bagging and packaging of all 6 denominatin of US coins. These coin counters quickly and accurately sorts pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The auto advance feature allows coin tubes to automatically move forward as they are filled to begin filling the next empty tube for hands-free operation.
Coin Holders
Choose the right Coin Holders for your coins here at Pronterbazaar if you know what your options are and how much it will cost you. We provide a wide assortment of Rolled Coin Aluminum Trays with Denomination, Extra-Capacity Rolled Coin Plastic Storage Trays, Countex II Coin Trays with 6 Compartments, Corrugated Cardboard Coin Storage with Denomination Printed On Side and many more with variety of colors.
Coin Roll Wrappers
Get Printerbazaar's color coded heavy-duty Coin roll wrappers for use in most automatic counting and wrapping machines. Browse our extensive selection of Color coded Flat Kraft Paper Coin Wrappers, Preformed Tubular Coin Wrappers, Automatic Coin Flat Wrapper Rolls, Pop-Open Flat Paper Coin Wrappers and many more at a reasonable price to meet your office requirements.

Featured Products:

MCGNO4 McGill Metal NO4 Nickel-Plated Steel Coin Dispenser with Dime, Nickel and Two Quarter Barrels $29.14$2040 / each 
MMF224000400 Color-Coded Coin Counting Tubes f/Pennies Through Quarters $21.00$1386 / each 
RSICO1000 Fast Sort CO-1000 One-Row Coin Sorter, Pennies Through Quarters $83.33$5500 / each 
MMF211010107 Rolled Coin Aluminum Tray w/Denomination & Quantity Etched on Side, Red $6.63$471 / each 
MMF212070508 Porta-Count System Extra-Capacity Rolled Coin Plastic Storage Tray, Blue $12.67$912 / each 
MMF240140107 Corrugated Cardboard Coin Transport Box, Lock, Red, 50 Boxes/Carton $35.57$2419 / each 
PMC61025 Corrugated Cardboard Coin Storage w/Denomination Printed On Side, Orange $57.22$3948 / each 
MMF216020002 Pop-Open Flat Paper Coin Wrappers, Dimes, $5, 1000 Wrappers/Box $5.37$381 / each 
MMF2160600A07 Preformed Tubular Coin Wrappers, Pennies, $.50, 1000 Wrappers/Box $27.54$1680 / each 
MMF2160651B08 Automatic Coin Flat Wrapper Rolls, Nickels, $2, 1900 Wrappers/Roll $16.56$1159 / each 
PMC53010 Tubular Coin Wrappers, Dimes, $5, Pop-Open Wrappers, 1000/Pack $7.54$505 / each 
RSIFSW216N Preformed Tubular Coin Wrappers, 54 Each Pennies/Nickels/Dimes/Quarters, 216/Box $14.42$937 / each