Surface Protectors


Choose from our collection of surface protectors, slide protectors and noise reduction pads for your home and office use. Our self-adhesive, circular pads protect surfaces from scratches and also prevent laptops, keyboards etc. from sliding. Noise reducers prevent chairs and table feet from making noises and also act as scratch guards.


  • Self-adhesive pads bond permanently to wood, metal, laminate, ceramic and other smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent for use on glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, wood or the back of picture frames.
  • Noise Pads have extra-strong adhesive backing for durability and fit most chair, desk or table feet.
  • Circular pads come in 3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1-1/4 inch sizes
  • Colors : White and Beige
  • Pack size : 16, 20, 100 pads per pack
  • Brand : Master Caster
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     88496~Scratch Guard Felt Pads, 1

    Scratch Guard Felt Pads, 1" dia, Circular, Beige, 16/Pack

    In stock

    $3.99$267 / each 

     88600~Scratch Guard Surface Protectors, 3/4

    Scratch Guard Surface Protectors, 3/4" dia, Circular, Clear, 20/Pack

    In stock

    $4.66$303 / each 

     88847~Quiet Feet Deluxe Noise Reducers, 1 1/4

    Quiet Feet Deluxe Noise Reducers, 1 1/4" dia, Circular, Beige, 100/Pack

    In stock

    $26.74$1845 / each 

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