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Floor Protectors & Surface Protectors


Protect surfaces from scratches and wear and tear with a collection of Floor and Surface protectors. Buy Self Adhesive Felt pads, Self Adhesive Clear surface protector and Self adhesive Noise Reducers from at affordable prices.


  • The extra-strength adhesive backing bonds permanently.
  • Long lasting protectors are excellent for use on glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, wood or the back of picture frames.
  • Pads prevent surface scratching and marring.
  • Brands: Master Caster.

Types & Accessories:

Surface Protectors
Choose from our collection of surface protectors, slide protectors and noise reduction pads for your home and office use. Our self-adhesive, circular pads protect surfaces from scratches and also prevent laptops, keyboards etc. from sliding. Noise reducers prevent chairs and table feet from making noises and also act as scratch guards.

Featured Products:

MAS88496 Scratch Guard Felt Pads, 1" dia, Circular, Beige, 16/Pack $4.38$267 / each 
MAS88600 Scratch Guard Surface Protectors, 3/4" dia, Circular, Clear, 20/Pack $4.33$303 / each 
MAS88847 Quiet Feet Deluxe Noise Reducers, 1 1/4" dia, Circular, Beige, 100/Pack $27.13$1845 / each