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Printerbazaar focuses on bringing you a selection of the highest quality wall clocks available at interesting price. Get our elegant style clocks among many other designs that is perfect for executive offices and conference rooms.These clocks have shatter- and weather-resistant case, lens and dial make this clock tough enough for indoor or outdoor use. Also the SelfSet feature automatically adjusts for daylight-saving time, without depending on a radio signal.


  • UV protected lens and dial face prevent yellowing from sunlight.
  • Body is biodegradable.
  • Larger dial size makes it easier to tell time from a distance.
  • Standard Time Format.
  • Brands: House of Doolittle, Universal, Chicago Lighthouse.

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 11381~Indoor/Outdoor Clock, 13-1/2

Indoor/Outdoor Clock, 13-1/2", Black

In stock

$21.25$1360 / each 

 10421~Round Wall Clock, 9-3/4

Round Wall Clock, 9-3/4", Black

In stock

$13.49$944 / each 

 10431~Round Wall Clock, 11-1/2

Round Wall Clock, 11-1/2", Black

In stock

$16.74$1138 / each 

 10441~24-Hour Round Wall Clock, 12 3/4

24-Hour Round Wall Clock, 12 3/4", Black

In stock

$22.06$1390 / each 

 11641~Round Wall Clock, 13-1/2

Round Wall Clock, 13-1/2", Black

In stock

$19.43$1360 / each 

 10417~Indoor/Outdoor Clock, Atomic, 13-1/2

Indoor/Outdoor Clock, Atomic, 13-1/2", Black

In stock

$38.70$2709 / each 

 10414~Round Wood Clock, 12-3/4

Round Wood Clock, 12-3/4", Cherry

In stock

$38.14$2708 / each 

 10415~Round Wall Clock with LCD Inset, 14

Round Wall Clock with LCD Inset, 14", Gray

Out of stock

$37.73$2415 / each 

 10411~Cubicle Clock, 6

Cubicle Clock, 6", Black

Out of stock

$9.96$667 / each 

 11431~Two-Color Numerals Wall Clock, 13-1/2

Two-Color Numerals Wall Clock, 13-1/2", Black

Out of stock

$26.92$1723 / each 

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