Maintain the correct time while travelling, at home or in office with our huge collection of Travel Clocks and Wall Clocks with unique specifications. These clocks automatically adjusts for daylight-saving time, without depending on a radio signal and its stylish looks deliver a classic feel with modern precision. The Body of the clocks are biodegradable and has UV protected lens and dial to prevent yellowing. These reliable clock keeps accurate time at a very reasonable cost.


  • Big LCD display makes time, day, month and date easy to read.
  • Use as wall or table clock as it features a folding stand for tabletop display.
  • Features snooze alarm and radio signal strength indicator.
  • Brands: House of Doolittle, Universal, Chicago Lighthouse.

Types & Accessories:

Travel Clocks
Travel Clocks of Printerbazaar keep you on time by automatically setting itself and adjusting for daylight saving time. The soft blue light of the dials illuminates time, date, day and temperature displays at the touch of a button.
Wall Clocks
Printerbazaar focuses on bringing you a selection of the highest quality wall clocks available at interesting price. Get our elegant style clocks among many other designs that is perfect for executive offices and conference rooms.These clocks have shatter- and weather-resistant case, lens and dial make this clock tough enough for indoor or outdoor use. Also the SelfSet feature automatically adjusts for daylight-saving time, without depending on a radio signal.

Featured Products:

MIL625236 TechTime II Radio-Controlled LCD Wall/Table Alarm Clock, 8-3/4"W x 1"D x 9-1/4"H $57.20$3947 / each 
MIL645358 Distant Time Traveler Alarm Clock, 2-1/4", Silver, 1 AAA (incl) $29.75$2023 / each 
ILC67207010 Octagon Mahogany Quartz Clock, 12", Mahogany $16.22$1038 / each 
ILC67300040 Quartz 12-24 Hour Wall Clock, 12-3/4", Black, 1 AA Battery $34.10$2387 / each 
ILC67818003 Quartz Flat Rim Clock, 13-1/4", Silver $38.58$2662 / each 
MIL625320 Norcross Auto Daylight-Savings Wall Clock, 12-1/4", Black, 1 AA $41.44$2652 / each