Map Markers


Mark information on your maps with our Map Marking systems in various shapes and colors. Buy our High-quality triangular flag marks or round head map tacks in different colors for easy and quick identification. These are great for schools or offices to mark locations, points or interest or intended travel routes.


  • High quality steel for pins with assorted colored heads.
  • Each map tack head has a diameter of 0.19 inch with a 1 inch long pin shank.
  • Ideal for schools or offices to mark locations and travel routes.
  • Comes in 75 to 100 pins per box.
  • Brands: Advantus.

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 MTA~Map Tacks, Plastic, Assorted, 3/8

Map Tacks, Plastic, Assorted, 3/8", 100/Box

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$3.34$217 / each 

 MF375~Map Flags, Plastic, Assorted, 1 1/16

Map Flags, Plastic, Assorted, 1 1/16", 75/Box

In stock

$9.79$617 / each 

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