Prevent the loss or destruction of your critical business papers from fire, water or theft by storing them in Printerbazaar's fireproof and security safes. These safes comes in various shapes, sizes and color to fulfill your requirements. Choose and buy from Waterproof Security Chest, Waterproof Chest with USB Port, Combination Fire-Safe, Theft-Resistant Compact Cash Trim Safe, Wall-Mount Laptop Safe/Security Cabinet, Electronic Lock/Card Swipe Security Safe, Tubular Key/Combination Fire Safe and many more.


  • Guard against unauthorized entry with these security safes.
  • Choose between reprogrammable electronic lock with key pad or card swipe entry.
  • Full-time spring latch seals unit even when it is unlocked.
  • 360° waterproof seal completely insulates interior from water invasion.
  • Fits most laptops, also has access for a power cord and security cable.
  • Brands: Sentry, Fireking, Metal King.

Types & Accessories:

Fireproof Safes
Organize and protect critical data from fire and water with Printerbazaar's best quality Fireproof Safes. These Waterproof Security Chest, Executive Fire-Safe, Commercial Safe are designed with advanced fire protection, water resistance and security in mind. Using these fire safes means your valuable items will remain unharmed in the event of a burglary, flood or fire. And with brands you know and trust, you can provide the ultimate security with high-quality home security safes and drop slot safes.
Security Safes
Items in both the home and office are susceptible to theft, so in order to protect your valuable from theft try Printerbazaar's varied collection of Security Safes at a reasonable price. Guard against unauthorized entry with these pry-resistant, solid steel Depository Safe, Wall-Mount Laptop Safe/Security Cabinet, Tubular Key/Combination Fire Safe, Electronic Lock Security Safe, Electronic Lock/Card Swipe Security Safe and many more.

Featured Products:

SEN1170BLK Security Letter Size Hanging File, 0.61 ft, 15-1/4w x 12-1/8d x 13-5/8h, Black $95.91$6618 / each 
SENQE4531 Sentry QE4531 Water Resistant Safe, 1.2 ft3, 16-11/32w x 19-5/16d x 17-27/32h, Black/Silver $716.79$51609 / each 
SENS6770 Commercial Safe, 3 ft3, 20-1/2w x 22d x 34-1/2h, Light Gray $1,807.43$1,21098 / each 
SENSFW123DEB Combination Water/Fire Resistant Safe, 1.23 ft3, 16-3/8 x 19-3/8 x 17-7/8, Gray $371.18$25240 / each 
SENH060ES Electronic Lock/Card Swipe Security Safe, 0.4 ft3, 15w x 11d x 7h, Black $202.45$13969 / each 
METWLAP2016 Metal Box WLAP2017 Wall-Mount Laptop Safe/Security Cabinet, 19-3/4w x 4-3/4d x 15-3/4h, Charcoal $181.42$11974 / each 
SENOS0810 Electronic Fire Safe, 0.8 ft3, 16-11/16 x 19-5/16 x 13-23/32, Gunmetal Gray $349.44$23762 / each