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Printerbazaar offers you varied collection of Counterfeit Bill Detector to prevent fraud by detecting counterfeit currency and bills. These state-of-the-art system is ideal for retailers, banks, bars and restaurants—anywhere cash or credit cards are handled or IDs are checked. Choose and buy our varied types of Counterfeit Bill Detector like Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen , Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen with Coil & Clip, Counterfeit Detector Pen with Reusable UV LED Light, 4-Way Counterfeit Detector, Counterfeit Detector with Infrared Camera and many more at an affordable price.


  • Highly effective and inexpensive tool for detecting bad bills & currency.
  • Works on all new design U.S. currency i.e bills series 1959 and later.
  • High-powered ultraviolet LEDs pick up even difficult-to-detect UV markings on documents and currency.
  • Detects the latest security features on drivers' licenses, currency, credit cards, money orders.
  • Features naturally-occurring, long-lasting antimicrobial technology, which protects against the growth of bacteria on the surface of the pen.
  • Can also be used on the euro and pound.
  • An amber mark passes the test, while a dark brown or black mark means the bill is probably counterfeit.
  • Brands: Dri-Mark, MMF, PM, Royal Sovereign.

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 05087~PM 05087 Mini Counterfeit Bill Detector, Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Silver

PM 05087 Mini Counterfeit Bill Detector, Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Silver

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