Furniture Movers


Whether you need to move a desk or cabinet at home or several chairs, tables and office furniture together, Printerbazaar has the Furniture Mover to make your moving easier and save your furniture from scratches and damage. Our Furniture Sliders, Cabinet Movers and Table Movers allow smooth effortless movement across any floor surface.


  • Round table, rectangular table movers, foam cushion sliders for moving
  • Polymer plastic base of sliders move smoothly over non-uniform surfaces
  • Reusable disks for sliders are ideal for use on large desks, credenzas, safes, bookcases and can be used repeatedly.
  • Table trucks can transport upto 12 tables together
  • Brands: Master Caster, Cosco.

Types & Accessories:

Furniture Moving Sliders
These Cabinet Movers and furniture sliders from Printerbazaar have polymer plastic bases which allow smooth and effortless movement across any surface. These round furniture sliders come with reusable disks which can be used repeatedly and are ideal for moving large desks, file cabinets, bookcases and more without damaging the floor or carpet.
Table Movers
Make moving easy with our heavy-duty table trucks and caddies. Made of durable steel, our table trucks and carts protect your furniture from damage and are a great help in moving your round and rectangular tables around the office.

Featured Products:

MAS87007 Mighty Mighty Movers Reusable Furniture Sliders, Round, 5" Dia., Beige, 4/Pack $18.65$1324 / each 
CSC3628908X1 Table Truck, 8 Foot Rectangular, 10-12 Table Capacity, Black/Red $904.19$62389 / each