Packing Bags


Store, pack and ship your most valuable items with durable moving and storage packing bags. Choose from our varied collection of Mailing Tubes, Packing Boxes and Shipping cartons of different shapes and sizes from high class brands. Store and ship your important posters, banners, art work , blue prints & many more in our durable mailing tubes and protect valuables and documents safely and securely in our sturdy packing boxes and cartons.


  • Get Corrugated fiberboard mailing tubes, quick crimp mailing tubes, triangular mailing tubes at very reasonable price.
  • Protect shipping contents with sturdy and durable SmoothMove Moving Storage Box, Decorative Storage Box, Stackable Bin Storage Box, Locking File Chest Storage Box, Snap N Store Storage Box, and many more.
  • These are Constructed of heavy-duty corrugated material.
  • Protects ring binders, catalogs and business forms.
  • Chrome label holder plate for easy identification of chest contents.
  • Easy to break down and store flat until ready for reuse.
  • Hand holes for easy transport.
  • Brands: Fellowes, Quality Park, Ideastream, MMF, Shurtech, Universal.

Types & Accessories:

Mailing Tubes
Printerbazaar's Mailing tubes let you keep large documents, prints, art, diagrams and more safe and secure. Designed for safely mailing or transporting rolled documents using sturdy corrugated construction to protect tube contents. We offer a wide assortment of fiberboard mailing tubes to suit a variety of needs including square-shaped, tamper-resistant and more. These high quality branded shipping tubes allow you to protect your important items during transit.
Packing Boxes & Shipping Cartons
Secure your important files for transport in Printerbazaar's huge collection of packing boxes and shipping cartons. Choose from packing & shipping boxes in a range of sizes for objects big and small or box moving kits for bigger jobs. Our wide array of shipping supplies and options like smooth move Moving Storage Boxes, Decorative Storage Boxes, Stackable Bin Storage Boxes, Locking File Chest Storage Boxes, Snap N Store Storage Boxes, Triangular mailing boxes and many more will surely fit your needs.

Featured Products:

FEL0734125 Corrugated Fiberboard Mailing/Storage Tube, 3w x 37l x 3h, White, 25/Carton $106.37$7233 / each 
QUA46118 Quality Park 46118 Fiberboard Quick Crimp Mailing Tube, Crimped Ends, 24 x 3, Brown, 25/Carton $14.28$1028 / each 
QUA46020 Fiberboard Mailing Tube, Recessed End Plugs, 36 x 3, White, 25/Carton $121.97$7440 / each 
CML1407104 Triangular Mailing Tube, 4 x 4 x 18, Brown, 12/Pack $26.09$1670 / each 
FEL0062701 SmoothMove Moving/Storage Box, Extra Strength, Small, 12w x 12d x 16h, Kraft $40.70$2808 / each 
FEL3381101 Folder Holder Storage Box, 11 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 11, Blue $55.69$3731 / each 
FEL6130402 Stor/File Decorative Storage Box, Letter/Legal, Mocha Brown, 4/Carton $22.58$1468 / each 
IDEFT07026 Stackable Bin Storage Box, Letter, Plastic, 15-3/4 x 15x 14, Gray $36.77$2353 / each 
IDEVZ01008 Locking File Chest Storage Box, Letter/Legal, 17-1/2 x 14 x 12-1/2, Black $70.15$4560 / each