Office Tapes


Shop our classic-looking, dependable Desk Tapes & Supplies for a convenient solution to daily home and office situations.

Types & Accessories:

Filament Tapes
Choose & Shop our adhesive filament tapes that can be used for any home or office purpose.
Masking Tapes
Choose what you need from our range of all-purpose Masking Tapes for your home or office use.
Mending Tapes
Economical, permanent Plastic Mending tape is ideal for mending and splicing. Matte finish makes it virtually invisible on most surfaces.
Packaging Tapes
The Packaging / Shipping Tapes features an adjustable braking mechanism for accurate and effective results and also excel in fast paced environments.
Scotch Tapes
Our Office Tapes feature a permanent adhesive layer on both sides for photo and document mounting applications, scrapbooking and craft activities.
Tape Dispensers
These simple yet effective design of this tape dispenser is great for home or professional offices. So provide yourself and your office with a high quality, safety oriented tape dispenser.