Lamps & Lighting


A well-lit space is the key to creating the right ambiance in any room. Choose from stylish and diverse lighting options, from clamps and clip on lamps, desk and table lamps, halogen lamps, floor lamps, magnifiers and many more with different features and specification.


  • Portable clip-on lamps and folding booklights, floor lamps, desk and table lamps, halogen lamps, under-cabinet lamps, lighting magnifiers
  • Low glare lamps are Energy efficient, cost effective and soothing to the eyes.
  • Flexible neck lamps provide positionable lighting
  • Bulbs are sold separately.
  • Comes with shades in fabric, metal, glass and plastic
  • Brands: Franklin, Ledu, 3M, Medline, Havells, Hon, Mayline, Bush.

Types & Accessories:

Clamp On Lamps
Printerbazaar has all the Clamp Lights and Clip-On Lamps that you need for your home office or business. Clip on lamps and table lamps are perfect for directing the light just where you want it and have arm reaches of varying lengths. Shop from our great selection of Three Way Incandescent Lamps, Fluorescent Clamp-On Lamps, Clip-On Incandescent Gooseneck Lamps, Adjustable Fluorescent Clamp-On Task Lamps and Booklights.
Desk Halogen Lamps
Printerbazaar offers a selection of energy efficient and cost effective Halogen Lamps & Lighting with contemporary shades for concentrated lighting on your office tables or desks. Choose from 35W to 100W halogen lamps with a range of reaches, swivel shades and adjustable arms.
Desk Lamps
Light up your tables and desks with our energy efficient and cost effective desk lamps. From classic styles to modern designs, our large selection of task lamps, clamp-on or desk-based lights are ideal for task lighting, detail/hobby work or reading. Our 3M desk lamps and Ledu lamps combine modern styling with premium functionality. Replacement bulbs are sold separately.
Floor Lamps
Get different types of Floor Lamps & Lighting here at Printerbazaar in various sizes & designs to suit your lighting needs. Our selection of incandescent floor lamps, torchieres and uplighters, Candlestick lamps, Swing arm and gooseneck exam lamps shed light where you need it.
Magnifier Lamps
Choose from our range of clamp-on magnifier lamps and desk lamps for all those focussed lighting needs. Our magnifier lamps with powerful 3-diopter magnifying glasses give excellent magnified lighting and hands free use for close precision jobs in your home or office.
Under Cabinet Light Fixtures
Buy Under-Cabinet lamps at Printerbazaar for lighting up those hard-to-reach nooks of your kitchen, office or storage space. Browse our hutch-mounted tasklights and under-cabinet lamps that come in a variety of styles and colors for recessed lighting under hutches, stack-on-storage and cabinets. Use with fluorescent tubes for better performance.

Featured Products:

FRKDBL3005 Firefly Book Light, 1-1/2 x 1 x 6-3/4, 5LED, Black/Silver $28.92$1909 / each 
LEDL445BK Three-Way Incandescent/Fluorescent Clamp-On Lamp, 40" Reach, Black $143.29$9027 / each 
LEDL9089 Clip-On Incandescent Gooseneck Lamp, 9" High, Black $33.71$2191 / each 
LEDL365MB Ledu L365MB Fluorescent Energy Saver Desk Lamp, Weighted Base, 15 Inch, Matte Black $180.40$11726 / each 
LEDL557BL Traditional Incandescent Banker's Lamp, Blue Glass Shade, 14"h, Chrome Base $60.31$3860 / each 
LEDL557BR Traditional Incandescent Banker's Lamp, Green Glass Shade, 14"h, Brass Base $53.61$3860 / each 
LEDL561BR Brass Swivel Arm Incandescent Lamp, Mushroom Shade, Felt Pad on Base, 22" High $104.50$7315 / each 
LEDL9025 Illuminator Incandescent Desk Lamp, 17-3/4" High, Black $110.54$7738 / each 
LEDL9027 Adjustable Fluorescent Gooseneck Desk Lamp, 15" High, Black $109.51$7447 / each 
LEDL9061 Fluorescent Desk Magnifier Lamp, 27-1/2" High, Black $166.80$11509 / each