Plants & Accessories


Create an exotic arrangement in your office that offers a sophisticated look and is ideal for larger spaces such as entryways, conference rooms and lobbies. Buy our Plants, Planters and pots that will complement both traditional and contemporary office environments.


  • Easy clean-up with a dusting cloth or mild cleaner.
  • life-like appearance with high-quality silk foliage and trunk.
  • The perfect accent for any corner or office space.
  • Brands: Nu-Dell, Baumgartens, Ex-Cell Metro.

Types & Accessories:

Planter Pots
The sturdy, decorative planter pot is the perfect partner for artificial trees. These planters and pots complement both traditional and contemporary office environments.
Printerbazaar offers a varied selection of Artificial plants with a realistic look and feel. Choose from White Iris, lady Slipper, yellow or pink cymbidiums, ficus tree, ivy in terracota, ceramic and fiberglass pots.

Featured Products:

EXCRCMTRPLTR Metro Collection Planter Kit, 9-1/4" Diameter, Black $66.56$4726 / each 
BAU98041 Baumgartens 98041 Artificial White Iris in a Black Ceramic Pot, 14" Overall Height $18.35$1138 / each 
BAU98042 Baumgartens 98042 Artificial White Lady Slipper in a Terra Cotta Pot, 18" Overall Height $23.70$1517 / each 
BAU98047 Baumgartens 98047 Artificial Yellow Cymbidiums in a Green Terra Cotta Pot, 28" Overall Height $69.85$4680 / each 
NUDT7901 Artificial Ivy Plant in a Mahogany Vase, 8" Overall Height $88.85$5420 / each