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TeacherEducational Resources
Monitor student progress, track homework, and reward positive behavior of the students with a wide variety of Teachers Aids.

Types & Accessories:

    These brightly colored Awards & Incentive stickers are a great way to inspire your students to reach higher academic heights.
    Dress up any bulletin or display board with this festive decorative Borders & Letters. Sparkling trims decorate classrooms and enhance learning environments.
    The Classroom Decoration / Motivation Aids are a great way to teach kids about seasons, temperature and the climate.
    The Games & Manipulatives combine workbook content with dry erase materials and fun, game like activities.
    The Pocket Charts make exploring grouping concepts easy by helping students to easily identify shared attributes.
    The Geometry & Fractions Aids help students visualize fractional concepts with a set of color coded, proportional tiles.
    The Storage Boxes & Sentence Strips are ideal for writing samples, labels and word walls. Perform well with inks, pencils and crayons.
    Teach counting, sorting, place value and grouping with these Time & Money Aids.
    The Teacher Resource Books meet the learning needs of individual students that cover core skills at three different levels—basic, intermediate and challenging.
    Make teaching easier with our wide range of Testing & Grading Aids such as boards, timers & much more.

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