Waste Containers


Dispose off your waste in a clean manner using these Waste Containers.

Types & Accessories:

Ash Urns & Trash Bins
Keep the area free from cigarette butts with these handy Ash / Trash Urns. Heavy-duty container is sturdy enough for outdoor use yet stylish enough for indoors.
Biohazard Infectious Waste Containers
Biohazard / Infectious Waste Containers are ideal for exam-rooms, treatment rooms and more. Rest assured you'll have maximum control of infectious waste and odor.
Fire Resistant Waste Containers
Here's just what you need for an active workplace where safety and cleanliness are paramount. The Fire Resistant / Safe Security Waste Containers have heavy duty pedal for repeated, quiet operation.
Outdoor Trash Receptacles
Whether your recycling needs are indoors or outdoors, these heavy duty receptacles is just what you need. Rigid plastic liner has lift holes for easy emptying.
Plastic Receptacles
The Plastic Waste Containers are designed to allow disposing trash without touching lid. Hides refuse from public view. The plastic does not rust, chip or peel.
Recycle Waste Bin
Promote recycling and improve productivity with the Recycling Receptacles. Cost-effective recycling solution for heavy traffic areas. Serves as collection site for multiple work stations or large office areas.
Security Waste Containers
Use the Security Waste Containers for secure disposal of confidential materials. Side entry paper slot allows placement under desks. Include a slotted key locking lid.
Steel Waste Containers
The Steel Waste Containers have a unique shape, allowing it to fit into room corners to help save on valuable space. Fire-safe steel with powder coated finish will not burn, melt or emit toxic fumes.
Waste Can Liners
The Waste Can Liners work on all sizes and shapes of containers. You can choose from a variety of material to suit your needs.
Waste Container Dollies
The Waste Container Dollies are precision engineered for quiet operation. Non marking red casters to easily identify traditional dollies from quiet dollies.
Make a statement about yourself and your workplace or home with this eye-catching, contemporary design of the Wastebaskets in plastic & steel.
Wheeled Waste Containers
Set the wheels in motion for quicker, more efficient waste collection with these durable Wheeled Waste Containers.
Wood Waste Bins
The Wood Waste Containers are constructed of high-grade compressed wood with melamine finish.