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With Printerbazaar's simple-to-use Postal Scales you can quickly compare USPS rates from the comfort of your home or office to avoid unnecessary trips to the post office. We offer a wide assortment of digital postal scales, digital USB postal scales, electronic weight only utility scales, handheld mechanical utility bench scales and many more to suit your requirements.
  • Weigh packages and letters accurately with our postal scales.
  • Saves money by calculating exact postage.
  • Ultra-compact design for super portability.
  • Features an LCD screen with easy-to-read digital readout.
  • Offers connectivity via USB cable to PC or Mac.
  • Provides precise measurements for all your weighing needs in both ounces and grams.
  • Damage-resistant ABS plastic injection molded case and platform.
  • Standard NCI protocol provides convenient access to most common shipping software packages.
  • Pelouze, Salter Brecknell, Avery.
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 32400~Avery 32400 Digital Postal Scale, 25 lb Capacity

Avery 32400 Digital Postal Scale, 25 lb Capacity

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