Mailing Equipment


Printerbazaar offers a wide range of Mailing Equipments to make your mailing easier. Browse various types of branded interoffice mail boxes, paper folding machines, paper joggers, paper collators, postal meter ink cartridges, and postal scales at an affordable price. These equipments will help you to store and preserve outgoing mail collection, interoffice memos, diskettes, CD-ROMS, job files, project files, medical and legal file and many more.


  • The Paper Folding Machines are ideal for churches, schools, business and associations with frequent medium size jobs.
  • Folds up to three sheets at a time, including stapled sets, using the manual bypass.
  • Organizes job files, project files, medical and legal file with these quick, easy to use Paper Joggers & Collators.
  • Postal scales provides precise measurements for all your weighing needs in both ounces and grams.
  • Brands: Buddy, Premier Martin Yale, Lee, Innovera, Pelouze, Salter Brecknell, Avery.

Types & Accessories:

Interoffice Mail Box
Buy Printerbazaar's best qualtity Interoffice mailbox that are ideal for outgoing mail collection, interoffice memos, diskettes, CD-ROMS and much more. Keep your office clean and organize with these wall mountable mailboxes, the full piano hinged door allows for easy removal of materials. Made of 30-percent recycled steel, the box comes in a contemporary colors.
Mailing Paper Folding Machines
Printerbazaar offers a varied selection of Mailing Paper Folding Machines to make your mailing easy. Choose from electronic auto folders , rapifold light duty auto folding machines that are compact enough to fit in small workspaces, or try a heavy-duty automatic paper folder that can fold thousands of pages each hour. No matter the size of the job, our premium folding paper machines will save you time and increase efficiency.
Paper Joggers & Paper Collators
Organize your job files, project files, medical, legal file and more with Printerbazaar's quick & easy-to-use Paper Joggers and Paper Collators. Choose our collection of flexifile expandable organizer, collator or table top paper joggers which are perfect for your print shop or copy center. By eliminating the static electricity and pages from sticking together, These joggers allows for paper processing to be much easier for you.
Postal Meter Ink Cartridges
Printerbazaar Postal Meter Ink Cartridges offer a high quality, low cost alternative to OEM postage supplies.These products are fully compatible with the most popular postage meters in use today. Shop our great selection at an affordable price.
Postal Scales
With Printerbazaar's simple-to-use Postal Scales you can quickly compare USPS rates from the comfort of your home or office to avoid unnecessary trips to the post office. We offer a wide assortment of digital postal scales, digital USB postal scales, electronic weight only utility scales, handheld mechanical utility bench scales and many more to suit your requirements.

Featured Products:

BDY562532 Wall-Mountable Interoffice Mailbox, 12w x 3d x 10h, Platinum $44.28$3011 / each 
PRE1501X Model 1501X AutoFolder, 8000 Sheets/Hour $1,264.89$78423 / each 
PREP6400 Model P6400 Desktop Paper Folder, 2200 Sheets/Hour $400.21$24413 / each 
PREP7400 Model P7400 RapidFold Light-Duty Desktop AutoFolder, 4000 Sheets/Hour $669.28$44842 / each 
LEE14124 Flexifile Expandable Collator/Organizer File, 24 Sections, 7w x 10-1/2d x 11h $85.00$5950 / each 
PRE400 Tabletop Paper Jogger, 15-1/4w x 11-1/2d x 15-1/4h, Gray $873.21$59378 / each 
IVR7671 7671 Compatible, Remanufactured, 767-1 Postage Meter, 2200 Page-Yield, Red $84.91$5434 / each 
PEL1772055 M3 Digital Postal Scale, 3 Lb. $38.06$2398 / each 
PEL1776111 S100 Portable Digital USB Shipping Scale, 100 Lb. $139.55$9071 / each 
SBW325 Electronic Postal/Shipping Scale, 25lb Capacity, 6-1/2 x 8 Platform $91.87$6155 / each 
SBWS100300 300 lb. Capacity Bench/Floor Scale $786.24$48747 / each 
SBWPB500 Handheld Mechanical Utility Balance Scale, 500g Capacity, 2-1/2 x 3 Platform $71.96$4965 / each