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Printerbazaar carries a large variety of stamp pads and ink for use with rubberstamps and printers. Choose from a wide range of sizes and materials like felt, foam, micropore to suit your various stamping needs. These stamp pads provide precise and vibrant colors and last for thousands of impressions. We also stock ink pads for Printers and refill inks for stamp pads and numbering machines.


  • Micropore stamps for legal, banking and other professional use provide approximately 100,000 sharp impressions without re-inking.
  • Long-lasting foam stamps provide approximately 15,000 impressions and can be re-inked with Neat-Flo inkers.
  • Un-inked dry pads for Royall Economy Numbering Machines, Multiple and Lever Movement dropped cipher Numbering Machines
  • Refill ink for numbering machines, re-inkable pads and self-inking stamp pads. Convenient applicators like brush caps and dab-on applicators prevent leakage and spread ink onto pads evenly and thoroughly. Gel ink refills for ACCU stamps
  • Cartridge style refill ink pads for P20, P40, printers, Replacement pads for Trodat daters and message stamps, Ink Rollers for DATE MARK Electronic Date/Time Stampers
  • Stamp pad sizes range from 3/16 x 1 inch to 6-¼ x 3-¼ inches
  • Colors : Red, Blue, Black, Blue and Red, Uninked
  • Brands : Avery, U.S.Stamp, Consolidated, Advantus, Dymo, Lee, Monarch, Sanford

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 061953~Replacement Ink Pad 2000 PLUS Date/Phrase, Eight- 10-Band Numberer Stamps, Black

Replacement Ink Pad 2000 PLUS Date/Phrase, Eight- 10-Band Numberer Stamps, Black

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