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Sheet Protectors


Printerbazaar gives you a selection of fine Sheet Protectors for storage of everyday paper and documents at the office, school or at home.

Types & Accessories:

Binder Sheet Protectors
Get the full-on collection of Ring Binder Sheet Protectors for your daily office and home use here at Printerbazaar at a good affordable price. The special design helps inserting pages easily and keeping your documents safe and secure.
Clear Sheet Protectors
Buy Printerbazaar Sheet Protectors with Index Tabs that give you an easy way to tab and organize, while protecting your documents.
Sheet Protector Self-Adhesive Pockets
Add value to your presentation and printed projects with these well designed, unique Self Adhesive Pockets at Printerbazaar. We offer a huge selection for you to choose from.
Sheet Protector Shop Ticket Holders
Save time and find great deals on Printerbazaar for Shop Ticket Holder. We offer vinyl, zippered, magnetic, self-adhesive and many more that are perfect for manufacturing and inventory control.