Labels and Tags


Printerbazaar offers a wide selection of Tags for all your labeling, tracking and identification requirements at home and office. Choose from Tags with reinforced eyelets and metal rims for frequent use, pre-printed tags for repair work tracking, tags with inserts for key tags and much more. Tags are made from sturdy Manila cardstock and are available in a variety of sizes and types. All hang tags can be strung with wire fasteners, twine and nylon string.


  • Blank tags, price tags, inventory tags and repair tags, coatroom and claim tags, name tags and name plates, key tags, jewelry tags, luggage tags and shipping tags
  • Blank multipurpose tags with smooth white writing surfaces
  • Metal rim reinforced tags protect frequently used tags from bending and tearing
  • Coat check tickets for coats, bags and hats to be easily organized with consecutively numbered tags
  • Fasteners and wire tags of galvanized steel or weatherproof nylon
  • Tag attacher kits including attacher guns, tagger tail fasteners and needles
  • Colors : White, Yellow
  • Brands : Avery, Safco, Monarch, Durable, MMF, PM, Carl, Teacher, Carson-Dellosa, Advantus

Types & Accessories:

Blank Tags
Blank marking tags from Printerbazaar feature a smooth, long-lasting cardstock surface which is easy to write on and read at a glance. Available in white and yellow, these blank tags and numbered tags are available in a range of sizes and can be custom personalized for all your tagging requirements. These convenient pre-strung Avery tags are ideal for marking prices, sizes, ownership or other features for sale or storage.
Claim Tags & Coatroom Check Tags
Organize and secure coats to keys with Avery Claim Tags and Coat Check Tags from Printerbazaar. We carry both two-part and three-part claim check tags with tear-off customer stubs. Tags are serially numbered from 1 to 500 on all parts for easy identification. Available as 500 tags per box.
Inventory Tags
Prevent lost merchandise, theft and counting errors with pre-numbered duplicate inventory tags from Avery. These unstrung tags feature a detachable bond top sheet, a layer of carbon and a manila duplicate. Label your inventory with the manila and keep the top copy separately for your records.
Jewelry Tags
Keep jewelry organized with our Avery Jewelry Tags. These small jewelry tags have smooth writing surfaces ideal for marking the weight and price of delicate jewelry pieces and small items.
Key Tags
Increase your efficiency with key tags from Printerbazaar. Our sturdy key tags hold several keys each and have paper inserts for identification. Choose from a wide variety of durable metal rim key tags, numbered key tags and plastic key tags in bright colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. These writable key tags come with split rings and hooks for easy replacement of keys.
Luggage Tags
Metal Tags
Use Metal Rim tags from Printerbazaar for items which are handled frequently. The metal rim protects the tag from bending, twisting or tearing. Pre-strung with 3-1/2 inches of white twine, these metal rimmed circle tags are ready for immediate use and available in a range of sizes.
Name Tags & Name Plates
Printerbazaar brings fun into your classroom with these pretty and convenient nameplates. These colorful desk name tags can double as labels, locker tags, bookmarks and more. Choose from self-sticking adhesive name tag packs, desk nameplates and jumbo nameplates. Name tags are available in a variety of prints and sizes.
Price Tags
Printerbazaar carries a huge collection of Price Tags and Merchandise tags for use in retail stores. Pre-strung with white twine, our white marking tags are a convenient way to label items with prices and important information without using adhesives. Update sale status of items with our red Sold tags. We also carry refill tags for use with tag attacher guns.
Repair Tags
These heavy-duty Repair tags are simple to use but deliver big convenience. Made of durable manila cardstock these tags have a reinforced eyelet which prevents the twine from ripping through the cardstock. These preprinted repair tags have a detachable claim check and provide spaces for capturing all repair details, imprinting business information and stamp.
Shipping Tags
Ensure that your Shipping Tags always remain firmly in place no matter how long or short the journey. These Manila Shipping tags from Avery feature a smooth writing surface with a neutral background for easy reading. Each tag comes with an extra-strong reinforced hole which ensures that the string does not rip through the cardstock. Some tags are pre-strung with durable strings for easy attachment that resist breaking.
Tag Attacher Kit
Attach clothing tags comfortably with Tag Attacher guns from Printerbazaar. Our tag attachers provide the comfort of one-squeeze, tangle-free tagging and work well with all types of fabrics. Attacher Kit includes 2-inch Tagger Tail fasteners. We also carry replacement needles for tag attachers.
Tag Fasteners & Tag Wires
Secure your tags with nylon fasteners and tag wires from Printerbazaar. Weatherproof nylon Fasteners can be securely snapped together and cannot be removed unless they are cut or broken. Flexible and durable Tag Wires are made from galvanized steel so you can attach your tag securely to any item. Use with retail tags, luggage tags, shipping tags and more.

Featured Products:

AVE11014 Marking Tags, 1 3/32 x 3/4, White, 100/Pack $2.00$132 / each 
AVE14313 Metal Rim Marking Tags, Metal/Paper, 1-1/4” Diameter, White, 500/Box $53.20$3511 / each 
AVE12303 Shipping Tags, Paper, 3 3/4 x 1 7/8, Manila, 1,000/Box $21.69$1562 / each 
AVE12325 Shipping Tags, Paper, 4 3/4 x 2 3/8, Yellow, 1,000/Box $42.03$2984 / each 
AVE12608 Shipping Tags, Double Wire, 6 1/4 x 3 1/8, Manila, 1,000/Box $74.78$5160 / each 
AVE11026 Metal Rim Key Tags, Card Stock/Metal, 1 1/4" Diameter, Assorted Colors, 50/Pack $7.46$522 / each 
DBL194900 Key Tags for Locking Key Cabinets, Plastic, 1 1/8 x 2 3/4, Assorted, 24/Pack $35.15$2179 / each 
PMC04993 Extra Color-Coded Key Tags for Key Tag Rack, 1 1/8 x 2 1/4, Assorted, 4/Pack $3.93$279 / each 
CDP122012 Desk Nameplates, Monkeys, 9 1/2" x 3", 36/Set $3.25$231 / each 
CDP122010 Carson-Dellosa 122010 Desk Nameplates, Frogs, 9 1/2" x 3", 36/Set $4.31$289 / each 
AVE15161 Sold Tags, Paper, 4 3/4 x 2 3/8, Red, 500/Box $37.74$2642 / each