The bold colors of these Markers command attention even at a distance, which is perfect for the office and classroom.

Types & Accessories:

Dry Erase Markers
The Dry Erase Markers let you present your ideas in rich, bold colors on a variety of surfaces including whiteboards, glass and other nonporous surfaces.
Flip Chart Markers
The Flip Chart Markers have an uniquely formulated, water based ink that will not bleed through flip chart paper or presentation boards.
Industrial Markers
The Industrial / Specialty Markers are perfect for creating eye catching signs. Marks on nearly everything including metal, glass, plastic, rubber and most nonporous surfaces.
Permanent Markers
Make a mark that will stand the test of time. The Permanent Markers mark virtually any surface and resists rubbing, water and fading.
Wet Erase Markers
The Overhead Transparency Markers are designed specifically for marking on acetate films, such as overhead projector transparencies and laminated boards.