Labels for Media


Design and apply professional-looking CD/DVD labels and inserts that make your discs stand out. CD/DVD design kits from Printerbazaar make label designing, creation and application a breeze. We carry custom-printable media labels for CDs, DVDs, audio/video tapes and jewel case inserts which work with both inkjet and Laser printers. Special adhesives ensure that labels adhere firmly and do not peel. The easy-to-use label applicators center labels perfectly and prevent label curling.


  • Laser/ Inkjet Diskette labels, Video Tape Labels, Laser CD/DVD Labels, Inkjet CD/DVD Labels, Standard and slim-line Jewel Case Inserts, Permanent I.D. Labels, ReSleeve Laser CD/DVD Labels, Recyclable, Eco-friendly labels, RePlay Laser CD/DVD Labels
  • Labels work with both inkjet and laser printers. Can be created with easy-to-use Avery online templates and software.
  • Labels have print-to-the-edge capability. Inserts have ultra-fine perforations for easy separation. Special film material designed for DVDs won't lift, peel or wrinkle.
  • CD/DVD Design Kits carry labels, Inserts and applicators.
  • Inkjet DVD Case Inserts have heavy white matte coating for vivid color printing. These fit precisely as a full wrap or a front cover with spine and inner inserts. Jewel case inserts can be printed on both sides.
  • Inkjet Full-Face CD Labels cover 100% of the CD, allowing more space for customized logos, graphics and text. Easy-to-hold tabs secure label for perfect centering.
  • Recyclable, brown kraft labels are ideal for labeling ReSleeve CD/DVD holders. Download templates from manufacturer's website for easy creation and customization.
  • CD/DVD Label Applicator centers label perfectly and prevents label curl.
  • Brands : Avery, Sustainable Group
  • Colors : White, Matte White, Glossy Clear, Glossy White, Matte Brown
  • Label size : 3.5in, 5.25in, 1-2/3 inches diameter. Clear Permanent labels are 1 x2-5/8 inches, 2 x 2-5/8 inches in size
  • Pack size : Starting from 15/pack to 750/Box

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