Stay organized with our wide assortment of labels for all your home, school and office needs. From address labels, mailing labels and removable laser labels to office labels, packing lists and automatic label makers, Printerbazaar has everything you need. Find everything you need, from color-coded, textured, and metallic labels to stylish label pads and business cards.


  • Address Labels, Inkjet and Laser labels, Mailing Labels, Shipping Labels, Printable Postage Labels, Scotchpad Label Protection Tape Pads, Packing list envelopes, windowless envelopes, Clear Front envelopes, Made in USA shipping labels, Postage Meter labels
  • Binder labels, Color-Coding labels, File Folder labels, End Tab labels, Label kits, Indexing tabs, Filing labels, First Letter Name labels, Color-coded second letter labels, File Pocket handles, Custom Binder Spine Inserts
  • Media Labels, High visibility labels, Erasable ID Labels, Permanent ID Labels
  • Business cards, appointment cards, Hanging file folder tab inserts
  • Removable Multi-use labels, Removable Label Pad books, textured labels
  • Medical labels, Message labels, All-Purpose labels, Price marker labels
  • Gold foil certificate seals, Notarial seals, Mailing seals, self- adhesive embossed seals, Booklet seals, Assorted color foil stars
  • Label Peelers, Stamp Label removers, CD/DVD Label Applicators, Diskette labels, Video tape labels, Jewel case inserts
  • Brands – 3M, Avery, BIC, Chartpak-Pickett, Consolidated, Dymo, Geographics, Monarch, Southworth, Smead, Sustainable Group, Tabbies, Quality Park, Universal, U.S. Stamp & Sign

Types & Accessories:

Address Labels & Mailing Labels
Create a professional, printed-on look with address labels from Printerbazaar. Our easy-to-use self-adhesive labels speed up your labeling and mailing jobs. Easy Peel feature makes removing labels easier. Quick drying, jam-free sheets prevent smudging. Choose from our large selection of mailing labels, return labels, shipping labels and much more. Labels are compatible for use with copiers, laser printers, pin-fed dot matrix printers, inkjet printers.
Binder Labels for Labelmakers
Shop for Binder Labels and Binder Spine Inserts at Printerbazaar for an organized and professional look. Create smart binder spines in a jiffy using your inkjet or laser printer. Spine Inserts slide smoothly into the binder spine.
Color Coding Labels for Labelmakers
Organize your documents, files and folders with color-coded labels which can be handwritten or printed upon. Color-coding labels are ideal for pricing, routing, organizing, highlighting, scheduling and more. These extra-durable self-adhesive labels are residue-free which makes removal and repositioning easy.
File Folder End Tab Labels
Easily identify folders with color-coded wraparound labels readable from the front and back. File Folder End Tab Labels allow efficient indexing with a host of alphabetic and numeric labels in a variety of colors. Create and customize one single label strip for all your indexing needs with the Smartstrip Labeling System Starter Kit which comes with label forms and labeling software. Printerbazaar carries A-Z color-coded bar-style end tab labels, 0-9 single digit end tab Labels, month end tab folder labels, top tab folder label protectors and Refill labels for labeling kits.
File Folder Labels
Create your own tabs and organize and identify with colors. Make files look professional and easier to find with these self-adhesive File Folder Labels from Printerbazaar. Compatible with inkjet and laser printers, these labels can also be typed or handwritten. Durable construction resists tearing or bending, these file folder labels have improved adhesives which stick and stay without lift or curl. Choose from : Print or Write File Folder Labels, Removable or Permanent Adhesive Folder labels and Label pads, Filing labels, Alpha-Z Color-Coded First Letter and Second Letter Name Labels, Year-wise End Tab Folder Labels and Jeter-Compatible Labels, Extra-large labels with TrueBlock Technology, File Folder Labels for Typewriters, Inkjet or Laser printers. Continuous Form labels for Dot Matrix Printers Hanging tabs, Indexing Tabs, Seal & View File Folder Label Protectors File Pocket Handles Label Pack Refills
Label Peelers
Remove labels easily with label peelers from Printerbazaar. Ideal for removing file folder labels and labels used on hard surfaces.
Labels for Media
Design and apply professional-looking CD/DVD labels and inserts that make your discs stand out. CD/DVD design kits from Printerbazaar make label designing, creation and application a breeze. We carry custom-printable media labels for CDs, DVDs, audio/video tapes and jewel case inserts which work with both inkjet and Laser printers. Special adhesives ensure that labels adhere firmly and do not peel. The easy-to-use label applicators center labels perfectly and prevent label curling.
Labels for Message
Display universal symbols and important messages prominently using Message Labels and decals from Printerbazaar. Protect fragile items during shipping and handling with our ‘Handle with Care’ labels, identify non-smoking areas in your office with the neon red conspicuous ‘No Smoking’ label or mark packages with the green ‘Recycled’ symbol. All labels are self-sticking and stay secure through handling and use.
Labels for Postage Meter
Buy Postage Meter Labels, Tape Strips and printable US Postage stamps from Printerbazaar for use with your office postage machines. Use postage meter labels for postage and also to add a logo or a promotional message. Print postage stamps for any value and class of postage with the Desktop Postal Center printable stamps.
Medical Labels for Labelmakers
Printerbazaar brings you a large selection of Medical Labels to suit your needs. Our attention-grabbing warning labels on medication charts alert medical staff about patient’s drug allergies and other vital information. Use pre-printed medical labels to remind patients of prompt payment, self-pay, overdue payment and Insurance labels for identifying insurance plans like Medicaid, Medicare etc. We also carry bold, attention-grabbing labels for use on confidential files and HIPAA files.
Multi-Purpose labels
Get organized in style with high-quality multipurpose labels from Printerbazaar. Choose from a large selection of Multipurpose Labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, pack sizes and colors. Fully adhesive, removable labels are designed for high-quality performance in both laser and inkjet printers and are ideal for everyday use on folders, documents, books and more. Labels stick, stay and remove cleanly without leaving a residue. Avery labels are easy to customize with free Avery templates. We also carry address and shipping labels, return labels, spine labels, diskette labels, textured labels and permanent adhesive brown kraft paper labels.
Pricemarker Labels for Labelmakers
Use high-quality Pricemarker labels from Printerbazaar which deter tampering. These multi-line pricemarkers are color-coded for each day of the week and facilitate food rotation with use-by dates. Freezer-proof labels have general purpose semi-permanent adhesives which can be applied to a variety of surfaces and display excellent cold temperature performance.
Seal & Star Labels for Labelmakers
Shop for Seals and Star labels from Printerbazaar. We offer a large selection of mailing seals, notarial seals, booklet seals, gold and silver stars and medallions to choose from. Write or print upon these self-adhesive seals with inkjet/laser printers. Use our mailing seals for sealing flyers, brochures, booklets and newsletters securely. Our Notarial seals are perfect for awards, certificates, diplomas and legal documents. Add a mark of distinction to honor a special achievement with our gold and silver foil certificate seals.
Shipping Labels & Packing List Labels for Labelmakers
Printerbazaar brings you a wide selection of Shipping Labels, Postage labels and special message labels in a large range of sizes. Our shipping labels, label protection tape pads, envelopes with Packing Lists and Invoices keep you covered for all your shipping needs. Keep labels dry, legible and secure with precut, easy-to-apply label-guard tapes. Labels are printable and are compatible with Laser/ Inkjet printers so you can simply print, peel and post.

Featured Products:

AVE15695 Easy Peel Laser Mailing Labels, 2/3 x 1-3/4, Clear, 600/Pack $13.14$907 / each 
AVE32402 Avery 32402 Desktop Postal Center Shipping Labels, 4-1/4 x 6-3/4, White, 50 Labels/Pack $14.83$1038 / each 
AVE5735 Send & Reply Piggyback Inkjet/Laser Printer Labels, 1-5/8 x 4, White, 240/Pack $14.82$919 / each 
UNV80001 Laser Printer Permanent Labels, 1/2 x 1-3/4, White, 8000/Box $13.32$866 / each 
AVE05422 Print or Write Removable Multi-Use Labels, 1/2 x 1-3/4, White, 840/Pack $5.25$362 / each 
AVE05444 Print or Write Removable Multi-Use Labels, 2 x 4, White, 100/Pack $4.39$294 / each 
AVE22069 Removable Label Pad Books, 1 x 3 Yellow & 2 x 3 Green, Green Wavy, 80/Pack $3.08$197 / each 
AVE05473 See-Through Removable Color Dots, 3/4" dia, Assorted Colors, 1015/Pack $6.71$443 / each 
MMMT11000 Top Print Self-Adhesive Packing List Envelope, 4 1/2 x 5 1/2, White, 1000/Box $65.92$4153 / each 
UNV307538 Universal 307538 Made in USA Self-Adhesive Shipping Labels, 1 x 1, 500/Roll $4.74$294 / each 
UNV308383 FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE Self-Adhesive Shipping Labels, 3 x 5, 500/Roll $22.97$1470 / each