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Audio Visual Equipment
Produce professional-quality presentations with the wide range of Audio Visual Presentations & Meeting Supplies.

Types & Accessories:

    Record and store hours of video footage with the Camcorders here in Printerbazaar. Optical zoom captures tight shots from far away while the digital zoom makes your close-up shots look clear.
    Complete your home theater system without compromising picture quality with the streamlined CD / DVD players.
    Make your demonstrations shine with the wireless presenters, featuring a vibrant green laser pointer that stands out against brighter projectors and plasma displays.
    The classic chrome Audio Visual Pointers in a slimline pen size make giving presentations extremely easy.
    Whether you’re making an impromptu business presentation or sharing photos with friends, these Multimedia Projectors allow you to display images and videos on almost anywhere.
    The Projection Lamps ensure bright presentations. Install lamp module quickly and easily.
    Durable and lightweight Audio Visual Screens set up quickly. Easy-to-use lift mechanism provides hassle-free setup.
    With our collection of Audio Visual Accessories keep track of time, battery and wireless reception .
    The Audio Visual Carts provide a safe, secure way to move flat panel monitors and other multimedia equipment form room to room.
    The Overhead Projectors provide precise, edge-to-edge focusing for razor-sharp images.
    Shop for your favorite Audio Equipment with our varied range . We provide you with a variety of choices from headphones, speakers, cord & much more.
    Our wide range of Television Accesssories are suitable for all Presentations & Meetings.
    Create and present crisp charts, graphs and spreadsheets using your copier or printer. With color printers and copiers, transparency films produce vibrant colors for eye-catching presentations.
    The Audio Visual Tripods with remote control allow for versatility with one handed shooting, slow zoom and more.
    The Videotape Accessories are designed for maximum performance in digital video camcorders.
    Shop for the best quality VideoCam here at Printerbazaar. The prices here are the best in the market.
    The unobtrusive Television / VCR Mounting Hardware bracket blends imperceptibly into conference and classroom environments.

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