Presentation Boards


Create a powerful impression with your presentation board using our best quality Boards & Presentation Accessories.

Types & Accessories:

Board Accessories
Using reliable Message Board Accessories create easy to read messages
Bulletin Board Accessories
Get what you need from a variety of accessories to display & save your bulletins. These provide a smart, contemporary way to post and protect information.
ChalkBoard Accessories
Rejuvenate your dry erase board by quickly and easily removing permanent ink and stubborn ghosted ink stains with the Chalk Accessories.
Display Presentation Boards
Printerbazaar lets you create stylish displays in minutes and maximize the impact of your message. Create accurate and attractive presentations and make it look easy with the Presentation Boards.
Dry Erase Board Accessories
The perfect planning and presentation solution, suiting all your office needs. Turn any flat surface into a dry erase board with our collection of accessories.
Electronic Copyboards
The Electronic Copyboards allow you to easily share notes and images from boards or easels over the Internet or company Intranet.
In & Out Boards
Keep your office organized and on track with the multifunctional In / Out Boards. Track in/out status, time of return or jot notes.
Presentation Easel
Printerbazaar presents wide range of boards that offer lots of options for powerful presentations. The Presentation Easel Boards are a versatile solution for different presentation needs.