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Choose a variety of Envelopes for all your needs from mailing to cataloging.

Types & Accessories:

    Lightweight Airmail envelopes features the distinctive red and blue border as well as the standard Air Mail symbol.
    All purpose Booklet / Document Envelopes are ideal for mailing catalogs, promotional materials, documents and more.
    The Business / Trade Envelopes provide secure, lightweight and cushioned protection for documents, CDs, books and other items.
    The Catalog Envelopes are ideal for mailing documents that shouldn't be folded. Heavily gummed flap ensures a secure seal.
    The Clasp Envelopes are best for office, school and home use. Durable double prong metal clasp and reinforced eyelet provides the security you want.
    The Colored / Design Envelopes are made of durable heavyweight paper that resist tears and rips. Fully gummed flap produces a secure seal.
    The double window design eliminates the need to print on envelope. The strong, tamper-evident seal safeguards confidential documents.
    The durable Expansion Envelopes are designed specifically for multi-page documents and enclosures. Heavyweight paper ensures tear-free expansion.
    The Invitation Envelopes are designed for formal or computer generated announcements and invitations. Classic styling and square flap adds an element of tasteful elegance.
    Extra large envelopes are ideal for storing a wide variety of materials. Ungummed flap makes it ideal for interoffice use.
    Open-top end, vertical orientation Attorney Envelopes are ideal for filing folded documents such as mortgages, leases, policies and contracts.
    The Interoffice Envelopes are made of tear resistant Kraft or Tyvek stock that can handle heavy use. String and button closure keeps it simple.
    The long, narrow envelopes are perfect for storing policies, titles and contracts. Heavyweight Cameo Buff stock resists ripping and bending.
    Specially designed Security / Confidential envelopes are ideal for financial documents and sensitive materials.
    Horizontally oriented, booklet String-tie envelope is ideal for transporting files. Durable polypropylene construction is moisture, and tear proof.

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