Furniture Hutches


Printerbazaar carries all types of Hutches & Stack-On Storage to help organize your home or office. Hutches allow you to effectively store items and files properly. Choose from our collection of Open shelf Hutches, hutches with doors, Metal Hutches, Wooden Hutches and Resin made Hutches. We also carry tack boards, hutch doors and other Stack-On Storage Accessories.


  • Open shelf hutches, stack-on storage hutches
  • 2-door, 4-door hutches, hutches with glass doors
  • Hutch Tack boards, Flipper hutch doors, Wood veneer hutch doors, framed glass doors
  • Contemporary open architecture design.
  • Materials : Metal, Resin, Wood
  • Brands: Alera, Hon, Mayline, Bush, Iceberg, DMI Furniture, Global Industries, Basyx.

Types & Accessories:

Metal Hutches
The Metal Hutches & Stack-On Storages of Printerbazaar provide an attractive storage solution at a practical price. Its sturdy steel construction with a baked enamel finish provides strength and durability.
Office Hutches
Choose from a wide range of accessories from Printerbazaar to create contemporary open architecture design hutches for your office and home. Our large selection of Tackboards, wood veneer hutch doors, hutch letter trays, vertical and horizontal hutch organizers allow you to configure and reconfigure your hutches. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.
Resin Hutches & Stack-On Storage
Printerbazaar offers a selection of durable Resin made Hutches & Stack-On Storage for your office. Sturdy, ergonomic design and blow-molded, high-density polyethylene body make these resin hutches durable and easy to clean. Easily assembled and disassembled to meet changing needs.
Wood Hutches
Make a great first impression by transforming your reception desk or credenza shell into a professional work area. Printerbazaar's space optimizing wooden Hutches & Stack-On Storage combine veneer elegance with modular format versatility. Choose from a variety of storage solutions like storage hutches with 2 doors, 4 doors or sliding doors, transaction counter, hutch organizer, doorkits, bookcases, corner hutches in varied shades of colors.

Featured Products:

HON38241NQ 38000 Series Stack-On Open Shelf Hutch, 48w x 13-1/2d x 36-1/4h, Light Gray $411.67$28817 / each 
ICE92863 Aspira Hutch, Resin, 55-1/2w x 16-1/4d x 36h, Platinum Gray $495.06$31684 / each 
MLNBTHW72LDC Brighton Series Laminate Wood Door Hutch, 72w x 15d x 39-1/2h, Mocha $630.68$42886 / each 
HON38244NS 38000 Series Stack-On Open Shelf Hutch, 72w x 13-1/2d x 36-1/4h, Charcoal $514.26$35998 / each 
ICE92852 Aspira Hutch, Resin, 43-1/2w x 16-1/4d x 36h, Charcoal $513.33$32340 / each 
MLNBTDHG72LDC Brighton Series Double-Height Glass Door Hutch, 72w x 15d x 50-1/2h, Mocha $882.89$53856 / each 
MLNNH72CRY Mayline NH72CRY Napoli Series Assmbld Hutch with Glass Doors, 72w x 15d x 50=h, Sierra Chry $2,545.94$1,83308 / each 
MLNSHA72SCR Sorrento Series Assmbld Hutch w/Wood Doors, 72w x 15d x 52-1/2h, Bourbon Cherry $2,860.06$2,03064 / each 
MLNSKHTC72TOF Mayline SKHTC72TOF Stella Series Wood Veneer Hutch, 72w x 14d x 41h, Toffee $1,100.10$73707 / each 
MLNMLTMC Mayline MLTMC Mira Series Wood Veneer Hutch Letter Tray, 17w x 10d x 22H, Med Chry $238.13$16193 / each 
ALESE266615MP SedinaAG Series Hutch with Sliding Doors, 66w x 15d x 42-1/2h, Maple $621.52$37913 / each 
ALEVA267212MC Valencia Series Organizer Hutch, 70-5/8w x 11-3/4d x 23-5/8h, Medium Cherry $304.49$19792 / each