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Office & Commercial Cleaning


Keep your office clean & fresh using the Office Cleaning Supplies.

Types & Accessories:

Adhesive Removers
Save time and aggravation by having the right product at hand. Use the Adhesive Removers on tables, chairs, floors and nonporous surfaces.
Air Fresheners
Keep your home and office smelling fresh. Apply to clothes, upholstery and drapes to neutralize odors and leave behind a fresh scent. Safer for the environment, yet as powerful and effective as the leading brands.
All Purpose Cleaners
Clean glass, windshields, mirrors and other surfaces with All-Purpose cleaner that's 98% free of volatile organic compounds. These deodorize and eliminate unpleasant odors.
Bathroom Cleaners
The concentrated, all purpose bathroom cleaner cleans, brightens and deodorizes. Quickly cleans sinks, basins, tubs and tile, leaving behind a fresh scent. Safer for the environment, yet as powerful as the leading brands.
Brooms & Brushes
Choose from our wide range of Brooms & Brushes varying from light duty to heavy duty to suit your cleaning needs. These are designed to tackle tough cleanups.
Carpet Cleaners
Our selection of Carpet Maintenance Supplies remove tough industrial soils and stains, even old ones. Use as a spotter, pre-spray, spin clean or extraction cleaner. Provides safe and carefree maintenance of all commercial carpet type
Cleaning Buckets & Mop Wringers
Designed especially for healthcare cleaning. Reduce splashing for safer environment, cleaner floors and improved productivity with the Cleaning Buckets & Wringers. Wring dirt, grease and grime into separate bucket instead of back into cleaning solution for cleaner, less slippery floors.
Cleaning Carts & Cleaning Caddies
The Cleaning Carts & Caddies store all vital cleaning tools for one pass cleaning. Ergonomic arched handle makes maneuvering easy.
Cleaning Extension Poles
The Cleaning Extension Poles are ideal for picking up bottles and debris including cigarette butts and other small objects. Also can be used to retrieve items from high shelves.
Cleaning Mops
The Mops remove dust, dirt, hair and allergens from floors, furniture and electronics. Ideal for health care applications and for general purpose dust mopping.
Cleaning Wipes & Cleaning Cloths
The Wipes & Cleaning Cloths help keep your home and office free from dust. These can also be safely and effectively used to clean office computer, laptop and netbook screens & other electronic equipments..
Dish Detergent
Get sparkling clean dishes & remove tough stains and eliminates spots and film with the help of the Dish Detergents. Best for under counter dishwashers and cabinet type automatic utensil washers.
Disinfectants | Degreasers
The concentrated formula of the Disinfectants / Degreasers is ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting washrooms, shower stalls, toilets, food preparation areas and virtually all nonporous surfaces.
Drain Cleaners
The Drain Cleaner dissolves clogs quickly and effectively in kitchen or bathroom. Protects pipes from corrosion. Safe for plastic, PVC and metal pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems.
Our wide range of Dusters are safe for all surfaces, will not scratch or mar. Attracts dust like a magnet. No liquid, sprays or harmful chemicals needed. Machine washable and reusable.
The handy dustpan features a tapered front edge to help simplify sweeping up. Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors.
Fabric Refresher
Apply directly on fabric & once fabric dries, the smell is gone for good. Eliminates food and smoke odors on virtually all fabrics.
Floor Cleaners
The Floor Maintenance Supplies are high performance neutral cleaner for floors. Breaks up and disperses stubborn grease, dirt and oil deposits, either by hand or with automatic floor scrubbing machines.
Floor Pads
The Floor pads quickly and thoroughly remove old floor finish, dirt and buildup. Removes black marks in fewer passes and retains excellent gloss and image clarity.
Floor Sweepers
The Sweeper Cleaning Supplies sweep up large and small debris from all floor surfaces.
Furniture Polishes
Give the furniture in your home or office a brilliant shine with the wide range of cleaners available at Printerbazaar. The Cleaners leave a shine that resist fingerprints and smudges.
Furniture Repair Kit
The Furniture Touch Up / Scratch Cover Up Supplies condition surfaces to restore and maintain their luster.
Glass Cleaners
The Glass Cleaning Supplies quickly clean and shine windows, mirrors and glass surfaces, leaving behind a fresh scent.
Hand Towels & Hand Sanitizers
Clean, sanitize and moisturize hands on the go. The premoistened towels quickly clean light greases and oils. Ideal for job sites where water is not immediately available.
Laundry Detergent
Clean clothes done naturally with this powerful combination of naturally derived cleaning ingredients. The laundry Detergent easily cleans even the dirtiest of clothes.
Liquid Soap Concentrate
The Oil Soap is a natural cleaner for mopping wood floors, paneling and other large wood surfaces. Cleans finished wood and hard surfaces.
Metal Cleaner & Polish
The metal cleaner cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, copper, aluminum, brass and other metal surfaces.
Oven Cleaner & Grill Cleaner
The Oven Cleaner cuts through the toughest baked on grease for less manual scrubbing. Also works on pots, pans, cooking utensils and other stainless steel surfaces. Quick-clean formula for fast 30-minute cleanups.
Scrubbers & Sponges
Promote cleanliness in your home or business with these Scrubbers & Sponges. Also cleans porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry and iron. Let this bigger and thicker sponge help you take on tough cleaning jobs. The sponge is capable of cutting through even the toughest messes.
Sprayer Bottles
Mix and dispense concentrated cleaning products in these Sprayer Bottles. Adjusts from fine mist to steady stream. Bottle is marked with quantity graduations.
The Squeegees dig deep into tile crevices and uneven surfaces to remove liquids, leaving floor finger dry. Removes dirt from grout.
Stain Removers
Remove everything from spray paint, ink & others with the best quality Stain removers.
Tank Sprayer
The Tank Sprayer allows you to fill with your own cleaning solution and switch as needed.