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Use our collection of Adhesives for hassle-free activity on papers & other materials at a great affordable prices

Types & Accessories:

    The Glue Adhesives work on a variety of materials, such as paper, wood, fabric, leather, ceramics and more.
    The dry Adhesives are great for hanging posters, gift wrapping, arts and crafts and more.
    The Glue Guns provide the versatility of both high and low temperature gluing in one gun. Indispensable in the home and office.
    The Glue Sticks securely fasten paper, cardboard, photographs and more for great crafting and scrapbooking.
    The Adhesive Fasteners feature superior holding power. Simple peel and stick application.
    The Rubber Cement Adhesives are a better solution for adhering photos and detailed cut and paste projects. Excess glue rubs off cleanly, and shows no wrinkles as it dries.
    The premium quality spray adhesive dries clear with superior bonding strength. Provides temporary or permanent bonding of uneven or porous surfaces and weighted materials.
    The all purpose Super Glue Adhesive bonds faster and stronger than ordinary glues. Instantly bonds and repairs most materials, including rubber, leather, wood, metal and most plastics.
    The Wall Mount Adhesives are great for temporary mounting of paper items such as posters, charts and decorations.

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