Bathroom Supplies


Shop from our range of Bathroom Supplies that helps you to keep yourself & your bathroom clean & hygienic.

Types & Accessories:

Baby Changing Station
The Baby Station is easy to clean with its smooth, crevice free design. Ergonomic design provides convenient, one handed opening.
Bathroom Dispensers
The contemporary design of the janitorial dispenser fits a variety of market segments. It's design minimizes run out, waste and maintenance time.
Feminine Hygiene Products
Be safe & healthy with our range of Feminine Hygiene Supplies at an affordable price and satisfy all your requirements.
Hand Dryers
The hand dryer supplies in Printerbazaar is your best solution for budget installations. Electronic sensor for no touch operation.
Maintenance Paper Goods
Keep your bathroom clean & maintain your hygiene with our wide range of Paper goods.
Soap & Soap Dispensers
The Soap & Soap Dispensers when used with water is perfect for sanitizing and killing germs on hands & are ideal for sinks, kitchens, labs or anywhere water is present.
Toilet Seat Covers
The Bathroom Toilet Seat Covers are designed for hygiene & are flushable for sanitary protection.
Trash Receptacles
Bathroom trash receptacle saves space by fitting under stall divider. For convenient waste collection from one location to the next.