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Get a wide variety of Electronic Time clocks at an affordable price here at Printerbazaar. Choose from a wide list of Analog manual print time clock, digital automatic time recorder, automaitc payroll recorder both digital and electronic, time and attendance system and many more from top brands. These Time Clocks calculates time automatically for up to 100 employees with atomic clock accuracy. Stamp out disputes with speed and precision & are designed for high volume use.


  • Fast and easy to use with automatic day/date positioning.
  • Atomic feature synchronizes time automatically providing accurate time from U.S.
  • Stands up to the toughest conditions.
  • Never needs resetting and keeps time during power outages.
  • Internal lithium battery maintains time, card totals and program settings for up to 3 years without power
  • Brands: Lathem Time, Pyramid, Acro.

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 390121000~390121000 Ribbon Cartridge, Black

390121000 Ribbon Cartridge, Black

In stock

$18.64$1193 / each 

 200106002~200106002 Ribbon, Blue/Red

200106002 Ribbon, Blue/Red

In stock

$13.53$947 / each 

 200137000~200137000 Ribbon, Purple

200137000 Ribbon, Purple

In stock

$17.14$1097 / each 

 390127000~390127000 Ribbon, Black/Red

390127000 Ribbon, Black/Red

In stock

$19.49$1403 / each 

 390129000~390129000 Ribbon, Red/Black

390129000 Ribbon, Red/Black

In stock

$19.54$1192 / each 

 010212000~Model ATR120 Analog/LCD Automatic Time Clock

Model ATR120 Analog/LCD Automatic Time Clock

In stock

$305.04$21048 / each 

 010272000~timeQplus FaceVerify System, 4 x 3 x 6, Black

timeQplus FaceVerify System, 4 x 3 x 6, Black

In stock

$794.50$49259 / each 

 016000001~ETC Digital Automatic Time Clock with Stamp

ETC Digital Automatic Time Clock with Stamp

In stock

$699.48$48264 / each 

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