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Office Maintenance Tools


Maintain your office with our range of Tools at the best price.

Types & Accessories:

Cordless Drills
Get the job done quickly with our list of drills that also come with an accessory kit so you have everything you need to get the job done.
Floor Scrapers & Window Scrapers
The Scraper Tools are used for scraping windows, walls and floors. Use the razor edge to scrape paint and tape, the blunt edge for cement and stucco.
The Hammers feature high quality drop forged steel, fully polished head & a nonslip handle.
Lubricant Spray
The Janitorial Lubricants protect vinyl, rubber and plastic from fading, cracking and discoloring caused by UV, ozone, oxidation and extreme temperatures. There are highly biodegradable with a wide variety of applications. Safe for use around food, children and pets.
Mechanic Tool Kits
The Tool Kits are ultra-compact for handy portability that can securely hold a variety of tools for home and office.
Putty Knives
The Putty Knives are made of carbon steel blade for maximum strength. These are coated with clear protectant to resist corrosion.
Get the convenience of a set of precision screwdrivers in one small pocket tool. Comes with two double ended bits. Ideal for toy assembly, battery compartments, eye glasses, electronics and more
Staple Guns & Staples
Heavy duty staples are ideal for jobs such as insulation, carpet underlaying and roofing felt. The Staple Guns deliver high power & are perfect for your heavy-duty tacking jobs.
Storage Tools
Our collection of Storage Tools are perfect for storing items, such as rubber bands, screws, or push pins. Make identification of the contents easier by labeling the bags.
Tape Measures
The handy tape measures feature large, easy-to-read markings for quick and accurate measurement. Designed with the professional in mind.
Utility Knives
The Utility knife has instant blade change with the push of a button and strong, durable construction. Hone your edge and increase your productivity by replacing your dangerously dull utility knife blade.