Letter Openers


Letter openers of Printerbazaar is an ideal tool for your home office or mobile office. They are small enough to fit in a desk drawer or a briefcase. A lightweight machine that activates automically when an envelope is inserted. Choose and decide whether you need an Electrical letter opener or Manual handheld letter openers. Opens sealed documents with one quick flip of the wrist.


  • Safe and portable design.
  • Fully enclosed blades protect fingers.
  • Automatically activates when envelope is inserted.
  • All new letter catch tray included.
  • Precision-ground stainless steel blade ensures easy use.
  • Contoured plastic handle or rosewood handle provides extra comfort.
  • Brands: Premier Martin Yale, Universal, Acme.

Types & Accessories:

Electric Letter Openers
To automate the process of incoming mails that is from cutting and trimming of your daily home or office mails, buy Printerbazaar's Electronic Letter Openers in different sizes and prices. Choose our top branded automatic electric letter opener, handheld battery operated letter opener, heavy duty electric letter opener or high speed tabletop electric letter opener as per your need and requirement. Ideal for small, mid-size to large businesses and mailrooms.
Metal Letter Openers
Buy Printerbazaar's top branded handheld letter openers that opens sealed documents with one quick flip of the wrist. Browse our Titanium Bonded Blade Hand Letter Opener, Pink Ribbon Stainless Steel Letter Opener, Serrated Blade Hand Letter Opener or Letter Slitter Hand Letter Opener with concealed blade as per your requirement.

Featured Products:

PRE1648 Model 1648 Heavy-Duty Automatic Electric Letter Opener, 10", Gray $1,179.15$80182 / each 
ACM14821 Kleenearth Recycled Letter Opener, Microban Protection $4.92$349 / each 
ACM29691 Rosewood Handle Letter Opener $4.49$301 / each 
ACM29380 8" Letter Opener $2.93$208 / each 
PRE1616 Model 1616 Automatic Electric Letter Opener, 9 1/2", Gray $108.68$6847 / each 
PRE1624 Model 1624 Handheld Battery Operated Letter Opener, 1 3/4", Black $26.15$1752 / each