First Aid Kits


Keep the First Aid Kits handy for cuts and abrasions in the workplace or home. Packaged for individual use and to replenish first aid stations and kits.

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 CUR45581~Alcohol Swabs, 1 x 1, 200/Box

Alcohol Swabs, 1 x 1, 200/Box

In stock

$3.85$254 / each 

 CUR110163~Sterile Cotton Balls, 1

Sterile Cotton Balls, 1", 130/Box

In stock

$2.94$188 / each 

 CUR76124~Flex Seal Spray Bandage, 40mL

Flex Seal Spray Bandage, 40mL

In stock

$7.36$486 / each 

 PRM21423~Caring Sterile Gauze Sponges, 1200/Carton

Caring Sterile Gauze Sponges, 1200/Carton

In stock

$81.96$5901 / each 

 NON260002~Paper Surgical Tape, 2

Paper Surgical Tape, 2" x 10yds, Opaque White, 6/Box

Out of stock

$19.56$1232 / each 

 NON260201~Transparent Surgical Tape, 1

Transparent Surgical Tape, 1" x 10yds, Clear, 12/Box

Out of stock

$16.10$1111 / each 

 CUR45951~Silver Solution Antimicrobial Gel, .5oz Tube

Silver Solution Antimicrobial Gel, .5oz Tube

Out of stock

$5.58$357 / each 

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