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Safety & Security Management


We offers various products for your Well Being, Safety & Security at home or office at our website.

Types & Accessories:

Aprons & Coveralls
The Aprons / Coveralls are designed for workers & children. The A40 apparel provides excellent liquid and particle protection.
Back Supports
Personalize workspace comfort with temperature control and back support. The economical support protects the lower lumbar area, reduces the chance of back stress and injury, and encourages proper body mechanics.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Battery operated carbon monoxide alarm provides continuous monitoring of CO levels and will sound a loud warning signal if elevated CO levels are detected, even during power outages.
Crowd Control Management
Choose from our wide range of Crowd Management accessories for safety & security. We provide a selection of ropes, posts, chains & much more.
Ear Muffs
Seal out sound with cushioned ear covers of the Ear Muffs that are durable, lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable fit.
Ear Plugs
Seal the ear canal with soft, slow recovery foam of the Ear Plugs for excellent noise reduction and comfort.
Emergency Lighting
The twin beam unit automatically goes on when power fails, providing 90 minutes of emergency lighting.
Eye Care Products
Relieve irritation by removing loose foreign material, chlorinated water, smog and pollen with our range of Eye Care products.
Fire Extinguishers
Be prepared for fire emergencies at your workplace with extinguishers that are designed for standard commercial applications.
First Aid Kits
Keep the First Aid Kits handy for cuts and abrasions in the workplace or home. Packaged for individual use and to replenish first aid stations and kits.
Get rid of ants & other insects with the Insecticides at home or work. These can be used in several locations simultaneously, no monitoring needed.
Personal Protection
The Personal Protection products help prevent disease and contamination. Ideal for hospitals, lab work, manufacturing and food processing/handling.
Safety Face Masks
The Safety Respirators / Masks are most suitable for intermittent use, such as with spray paint or pesticides. Low profile design allows for greater comfort for use with goggles.
Safety Footwear
Protect shoes from dirt and other work related contaminants by using these polypropylene shoe covers & other safety footwears.
Safety Glasses & Safety Goggles
The Safety Glasses / Goggles provide a wide, unobstructed field of vision and can be worn with most half mask respirators.
Safety Hard Hats & Head Gear
The workplace isnt always the safest environment. That's why these deluxe Safety Hard Hats & Head Gear is a must. It can help prevent costly and dangerous accidents.
Safety Tapes
Mark off traffic areas, physical hazards and work sites with the attention getting, adhesive backed Safety Tapes. Yellow black color design provides a simple, yet effective way to communicate that an area is off limits.
Safety Vests
The Safety & Security/Vests come in bright orange color and reflective strips that provide high visibility day or night for a variety of hazardous situations.
Security Locks
Promote a high level of theft deterrence by using a strong and durable lock. The Security Locks are constructed to stand up to daily wear-and-tear.
Security Mirrors
Help prevent theft and increase work place safety with these Security Mirrors.
Security Signs
The Security Signs open automatically for quick, effortless deployment and fold compactly for easy, compact storage in included wall mounted tube.
Smoke Detectors
Safeguard your family members and co-workers as well as your property with the Smoke Detectors. When every second counts, you'll have your warnings spoken to you in a loud volume voice.
Sorbent Products
The versatile Safety & Security Sorbents are for cleaning up spills, drips, and fluid leaks. Can be used as a boom, pillow, pad or roll.
Two Way Radios
The high powered Security Two-Way Radios are ideal for indoor usage. Choose the product that best suits you from a list of various specifications.
Visitor Chimes
Pleasant ding dong sound of the Visitor Chimes alert employees when visitors enter or exit. High/low/off adjustable volume control.