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Building management is one of the important aspects of any corporate or residential building. The building management services are costly, and finding the right service provider can be a challenge. In addition to that, another important factor that determines the quality of the building maintenance services is the right kind of supplies and accessories. Without the right kind of supplies, no building maintenance task can effectively be done.

Building Management Done Easy with Printerbazaar’s Supplies Range

This particular product section of Printerbazaar brings together the comprehensive range of office maintenance/janitorial and lunchroom supplies. Choose from the wide variety of daily use components to get all your building maintenance tasks done with the utmost professionalism. As a building owner, leaser or a tenant; you understand how difficult it is to monitor the day to day maintenance activities of the internal office or residential spaces.

Reduce the Number of Maintenance Complaints

While you are busy handling your own business, you may often time hear complaints from your cleaning and maintenance personnel about the ongoing difficulties. The office lunchroom personnel may be complaining about the malfunctioning of some kitchen supplies. The janitorial service personnel may be complaining about some malfunctions in the washrooms and drainage systems. You may find that a lack of proper janitorial and lunchroom supplies is one of the underlying reasons for the complaints you hear from the service personnel.

Printerbazaar’s online store will help you find the right products and supplies to cater to your office maintenance needs. Based on your specific urgent needs and upcoming requirements, you can get bathroom supplies, electrical supplies, flashlights, food & beverage supplies, hand trucks, key control supplies, ladders & steps, light bulbs, maintenance tapes, medical supplies, office & commercial cleaning supplies, office carts, safety & security management, step stools, toiletries, vacuum cleaners, waste containers, weatherproof gear, work gloves and other office maintenance tools.

Assure Internal Office Cleanliness

Like having good health and personal hygiene keeps us out of health troubles and results in good personal productivity; in the same way, office cleanliness determines the business productivity. Business productivity is ultimately the added individual productivity. In other words, a clean and healthy working atmosphere improves the overall work practices.

There is a need to clean the different areas of the office on a regular basis to ascertain the optimum hygiene level. Such areas include the reception area, the cubicles and desk areas, dining area and the washrooms.

Reception Area: This area provides the first impression to people entering your office space and as an office maintenance manager, you will certainly not expect any kind of dusty look in this area.

Cubicles and Desk Areas: The feelings and emotions of employees play a vital role in the business productivity. Proper cleaning of the cubicle and desk areas imparts the employees with a fresh and good feeling every day they come to the office. In addition, it will also motivate the employees to keep their cubicles clean without putting the unnecessary clutters in front.

Dining Area: As the dining area is constantly being used by the employees in a corporate setting, it is very necessary to keep the area clean using the right kind of supplies. At Printerbazaar, in addition to the cleaning supplies, you also find all the kitchen accessories such as cups, mugs, food and beverage storage supplies, different kinds of plates and utensils. Be it the dining area at your residence or at the office, you can get access to the best accessories for your storage, serving and cleaning needs.

Washrooms: In an office building or residential building, the restrooms are being used throughout the day and night. Without the proper maintenance of the restrooms, it may feel awkward to use the restrooms and results in dissatisfaction among the users. As a building maintenance manager, one of your important jobs is to continuously monitor the conditions of the restrooms. You should check whether the washroom is running short of lotions, waste containers, soaps and toilet papers etc; whether the hard dryer is working fine or not; and whether the proper bathroom cleaners, cleaning mops, floor cleaners, stain removers and air fresheners are being used. Printerbazaar offers you with multiple residential and commercial cleaning accessories such as stain removers, sprayer bottles, scrubbers & sponges, metal cleaner and polish, hand towels & hand Sanitizers, floor sweepers, floor cleaners, cleaning wipes & cleaning clothes, cleaning mops, brooms & brushes, carpet cleaners, air fresheners and adhesive removers.

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Cleanliness is a major factor which depicts our level of happiness and health. By implementing the correct cleaning methodologies, maintenance managers can assure the optimum standards of cleaning in the residential and corporate buildings. At Printerbazaar, we encourage good housekeeping practices to have better hygiene. Using the right maintenance, cleaning and lunchroom supplies; you can monitor each and every area of the buildings and can provide a better indoor atmosphere to the people residing in the buildings.

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