Desk Punches


These Desk Punches power through cloth, foil, plastic and leather as well as paper.

Types & Accessories:

1 Hole Punches
The 1-Hole Punches are perfect for crafts, scrapbooking, office, school and more. Works with paper, card stock, thin plastics and thin metals.
2 Hole Punches
The 2-Hole Punches come with a powerful lever action punches with ease. Adjustable margin depth gauge offers versatility.
Electric Hole Punches
The Electric Punches are sized to fit compactly on your desktop. Battery powered option offers portable convenience and a long battery life.
Multi Hole Punch
The Multi-Hole Adjustable Punches power through stacks of paper with hardened precision ground, all steel punch heads.
Slot Hole Punches
The Slot Hole Punches are perfect for ID systems, security badges and name badges. Works on plastic, leather, card stock, credit cards, laminates and paper.