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Mailing Shipping Supplies


Secure your important files for transport across town or across the country with Printerbazaar's huge range of mailing, packing and shipping supplies. Choose from our wide selection of mail bags, envelopes, mailing accessories, mailing carts and totes, mailing stretch films , Interoffice Mail Box, Paper Joggers & Paper Collators, Postal Meter Ink Cartridges, Postal Scales, Mailing Paper Folding Machines, Mailing Tubes, Packing Boxes & Shipping Cartons and many more accessories to give your packages a professional look and help keep contents protected on their journey.


  • Get various kinds of electric and metal letter openers with one quick flip of the wrist for easy one handed operation.
  • Secure cash, checks, stocks, bonds and other securities for transport with mailing envolopes, reusable mail bags and sack.
  • Get our premium packing tape and packing tape dispensers and other mailing accessories that are ideal for shipping, storage and protecting labels.
  • Mail Sorter Compartment Units and stations for office to accommodate scales, postage meters and off surface computer storage.
  • Brands: American Tombow, Idea Stream, Anle paper, Premier martin Yale, Universal, Acme, MMF, PM, Fellowes, Iceberg, Mayline, Safco, Epson, Buxton, Avery, Caselogic, Daytimer's, Pacon, Quality Park, Buddy, Lee, Innovera, Pelouze, Salter Brecknell, Advantus, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, Colman, Acco, 3M, General Supply, Shurtech.

Types & Accessories:

Letter Openers

Mail Bags & Mailing Accessories

Mailing Carts & Mailing Totes

Mailing Envelopes

Mailing Equipment

Mailing Moisteners & Stamp Affixers

Mailing Stretch Film

Mailing Tags

Office Mail Sorters

Packaging Tapes & Tape Dispensers

Packing Bags

Wrapping Materials

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