Label Holders


Check out Printerbazaar’s wide selection of snap-on shelf label holders for wire shelves and top-load or side-load magnetic label holders for metal surfaces. Our self-adhesive plastic label holders and ring binder label holders are extremely easy to use. These label holders are economical and let you quickly label file-cabinets, drawers, shelves, lockers, files and more in your office.


  • Ring Binder label holders, Data Binder label holders, File cabinet label holders, Shelf label holders
  • Plastic label holders, Self-adhesive label holders, Spring-lock metal label holders, Magnetic label holders
  • Brands – Alera, Panter, Acco, C-line

Types & Accessories:

Label Holder Binder
Our plastic and metal Binder Label Holders easily attach with binder covers and spines. Customize your own labeling system with the self- adhesive binder label holders made from high-quality clear plastic. Our rustproof spring-lock metal binder label holders with clear plastic windows fit tightly over the binder spine and guard valuable papers from accidental damage.
Label Holder Shelf Cabinet & Label File Cabinet
Label Holders for Shelves and File Cabinets are an easy way to organize and label any wire rack. Removable Self-adhesive label holders are backed with repositionable glue and easily attach to file cabinets, ring binders, drawers, panels, etc. Our Slap-stick Magnetic label holders can be easily repositioned and the heavy-duty plastic allows repeated change of inserts. Ideal for labeling shelves, drawers, file cabinets, lockers and bins.

Featured Products:

ALESW59ST Wire Shelving Shelf Tag, 3" long, Gray, 10/Pack $7.49$517 / each 
PCIMAGLHGY Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders, Side Load, 4-1/4 x 2-1/2, Gray, 10/Pack $17.58$1178 / each 
PCIMAGLHRD Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders, Side Load, 4-1/4 x 2-1/2, Red, 10/Pack $17.49$1189 / each 
PCIMAGLHWH Slap-Stick Magnetic Label Holders, Side Load, 4-1/4 x 2-1/2, White, 10/Pack $18.35$1193 / each 
PCIPST1R Removable Adhesive Label Holders, Side Load, 6 x 1, Clear, 10/Pack $10.11$708 / each 
ACC50120 Self-Adhesive Label Holder for Data Binder, Top/Side Load, 6 x 1/2, Clear,10/Box $33.21$2092 / each 
CLI87647 Label Holders, Top Load, 5 x 3, Clear, 50/Pack $50.97$3262 / each 
CLI70023 Self-Adhesive Ring Binder Label Holders, Top Load, 1-3/4 x 2-3/4, Clear, 12/Pack $4.30$271 / each 
PCIPCM12 Clear Magnetic Label Holders, Side Load, 6 x 1/2, Clear, 10/Pack $10.62$754 / each 
PCISL1 Spring-Lock Metal Label Holders, Top Load, 1 x 2-3/4, Black/Clear, 12/Pack $11.72$797 / each