File Folders


Organize your documents with a versatile selection of file folders. We have everything you need to keep your home or office files in order.

Types & Accessories:

Card Size File Folders
Card Size File Folders are special size folders for filing checks, invoices and other non-standard size documents.
Classification End Tab File Folders
Create separate sections for your files with classification folders. Whether you need sturdy pressboard end-tab classification to subdivide documents securely within one file, or legal classification folders for larger, legal-sized papers, Printerbazaar have the folders you need.
Classification File Folders
Quickly organize and protect your papers with durable classification folders. You will get all type of folders at a great price.
Colored File Folders
A smart and colorful way to get organized and keep small items secure. Shop from our huge collection of Colored File Folders and make color-coding easy. Lighter color interior and undercut tabs prevent misfiling.
Conversion End Tab & Top Tab File Folders
End / Top Tab Conversion File Folders feature convenient color-coded side tabs, similar to those used in medical and government offices. Straight cut allows color-coding on either or both tabs. Tabs are reinforced for extra durability.
End Tab File Folders
Organize your open-shelf filing systems with color-coded end tab file folders. Shop now for durable end-tab file folders to ensure your important documents stay secure and organized.
File Folder Dividers
Transform standard folders into divided or classification folders with our Folder Dividers with varied specifications and affordable prices.
File Folder Fastener
For frequently accessed files, choose the strength and durability of folders with fasteners. Shop now for the file folder with fasteners that best suits your needs at Printerbazaar.
File Folder Fastener End Tab
Whether you're looking for tab file folders or end-tab folders, each features a clasp to firmly hold papers in place. Our folders with fasteners come in many varieties, including laminated and extra-sturdy heavyweight pressboard to protect your files from damage.
File Tabs & File Inserts
You'll find a wide range of tab inserts here at Printerbazaar, including printable and colored tabs to help you quickly identify your files. Organize patient charts, files or records with index tabs.
Guide Height File Folders
Guide height folders provide good visibility of the tabs. Categorize and store your documents with our range of handy file guides.
Hanging File Folder Frames
Keep your desk organized and folders, files and important loose papers all together. Assembles in minutes, it lets you convert existing file drawers into an efficient hanging file system.
Hanging File Folders
Hanging folders keep papers neatly vertical in the file. No more slumping folders or folders that slip under one another. Vivid colors help you code files for quick, easy identification. Perfect for work or home office organizing, our file frames adjust to fit legal or letter-size hanging folders.
Interior File Folders
Interior file folders in Printerbazaar fit inside hanging folders without obscuring tabs. Perfect for subdividing records within a hanging folder. Unique design is closed on three sides of the back cover to create a partial pocket that keeps documents from falling out.
Kraft File Folders
Kraft file folders are designed for files that get handled by many people.
Manila File Folders
Collect, secure, organize and access your files quickly with a manila folder. Whether for the home or office, classic manila file folders are a must for your everyday filing needs.
Mortgage File Folders
The Mortgage File Folders in Printerbazaar are perfect for all business purposes from insurance to credit reports. Organize mortgage information for quick references and includes pocket for papers that cannot be punched.
Plastic File Folders
Plastic File Folder provides instant visibility of contents and are perfect for long term storage of important documents. Among many classification the heavy-duty polypropylene resists tears and repels moisture, Special Watershed paper resists spills, dirt and finger oils.
Pressboard Folders
Resilient enough to withstand daily use, pressboard classification folders will last for years to come. Get a wide variety of the folders at a great price. Get organized and stay organized with pressboard and legal classification folders today.