Report Covers


Showcase your next presentation with premium report covers. Printerbazaar's Report Cover Binders come in a wide range of styles and vibrant colors to make your work stand out.

Types & Accessories:

Pocket Portfolios
Pocket folders are a great choice when your documents need to be easily accessible. Here at Printerbazaar you will get a huge collection of Flexi View, Polypropylene, Two-pocket portfolios and many more.
Report Cover Tang Fasteners
Get unique collection of Report Cover Tang Fasteners here at Printerbazaar at valued prices. It will help prevent important punched papers from falling out.
Report Covers with Fasteners
Get good quality Prong Fasteners at Printerbazaar that keep your valuable papers tightly compressed and saves valuable filing and storage space.
Slide Bar Report Covers
Printerbazaar offers the top quality Punchless Report Cover Binders for various requirements and the best price for your daily office use.