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Binding Supplies, Equipments, Covers For Professional Presentation And Reports

Presentations and reports are part of an organizational culture. The volume and frequency of creating presentations may vary from business to business, but every business needs them for different purposes. The binding solutions hold much importance when it comes to presenting reports to clients, partners and key stakeholders. In business environments, a professional look is always a prerequisite for a good impression and the same applies to the presentations and reports. At Printerbazaar, we offer you with different binding equipment & binding supplies that will help you to build professional looking presentations and reports.

Our wide range of binding solutions will cater to the multiple volumes of your report creation needs. According to the different sizes and styles of business reports and presentations you want to design, you can find the right kind of binding accessories that will fit your specific needs.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Binding Equipment

Your presentations and business reports say a lot about your business and culture. If you are not taking the font, style, color and binding seriously, then it may be hampering your unique identity in the marketplace.

Types Of Documents You Want To Bind

Depending on the type of document you want to bind such as an annual report, a short training material or a long manual; you can use different types of binding equipments. By calculating the total number of pages and the total thickness of the file after the pages add up, you can get an idea about which binder to use such as spiral/coil binding, tape binding, plastic comb binding or the wire binding.

Type Of Volume You Need And Time Constraints

Depending upon your ongoing need of volumes of documents and reports to be prepared, you may consider choosing from the different types of binding equipments. Sometimes, the binding equipment decision may vary depending upon how fast you want to complete the binding process.

Editing Required In The Future

It may sometimes be required to change the contents of any presentation or report. Taking some content out and adding some new content in the future may become hectic if you have used thermal or tape binders. However, making the changes with comb binders and spiral binders would be easy.

Your Look and Feel Preferences

Depending upon your organizational guidelines for document and report publication, you may require a specific type of binding for different documents. For example, some organizations prefer spiral binding for creating all the internal training documents and some may prefer the plastic comb binding.

Different Types Of Binders

The above factors will help you choose the right binding style, so as to create a strong and sturdy report.

Spiral Binder

Also known as coil binder, it is a metal or plastic wire that runs through the holes along the edge of the binding. Some factors to consider while buying the spiral binding machine include the punching capacity, i.e. number of sheets it can punch at once, bind capacity, i.e. number of sheets it can bind at once, compatible paper sizes, and manual or electric operation of the binding machines.

Plastic Comb Binder

Plastic comb binding is well-suited for different applications. The binder uses a plastic binding with multiple combs and these combs are inserted into the holes along the edge of the papers. Both manual and electric plastic comb binding machines are available.

Tape Binder

Tape binding equipments provide a quick solution for low volume binding needs. These equipments use the cold or thermal tape to bind together the bunch of papers. In cold tape binding, a pressure sensitive adhesive is used in the binding process. On the other hand, in the thermal tape binding, the tape is heated in the binding process.

Wire Binder

Wire binding can be classified into spiral binding and double loop binding. In the spiral binding, a single curved wire runs through the holes created at the edge of the paper documents. On the contrary, the double loop binding involves the use of two wires per hole of the document.

Printerbazaar’s Affordable Collection Of Binding Equipments And Supplies

Printerbazaar offers you with a comprehensive collection of cover & book binding supplies including the binder pocket display systems, binder tabs & binder dividers, binders, binding machines, report covers and sheet protectors.

At Printerbazaar, we offer you competitive rates for the binding supplies, so you can get the best value for your investment and keep your professional image intact.

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