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Clips & Clamps


Shop for Clips & Clamps at the best price for a variety of categories.

Types & Accessories:

Binder Clips
The tough tempered steel Binder Clips & Clamps hold papers tight while the wire handles fold up for hanging or down for filing/storage.
Book Rings
The multi layered, nickel plated Book Rings wont crack or split. These come with a locking position for extra security.
Magnetic Clips
The super strong magnetic clip & clamps keep papers in their place. Adhere to any steel surface for heavy duty holding power.
Paper Clips
The Paper Clips & Clamps keep papers in place without sliding or tearing. These clips feature a unique design that provides enhanced functionality.
Safety Pins
The heavy-duty Bankers Clips & Clamps keep a tight hold on all your important papers.
Wall Hooks
The Hook Clips & Clamps are the perfect variety of fasteners for smooth, non porous surfaces. Attach and remove easily from glass, tile, glazed porcelain, and fiberglass.